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RPL gets electronic game board, tabletop activity stations

The Russellville Public Library has added some new attractions recently: an electronic game and learning table in the main area of the library and tabletop activity stations in the children’s room.

They’re already set up and ready to use – much to the delight of patrons.

“We are so excited,” explained Russellville Public Library Director Joshlyn Bowen. “It’s called the Infinity Game/Learning Table, and it can handle up to four players at a time. There are 40 fun and educational games loaded.”

Bowen said the table targets every age group, with some of the games including Tic Tac Toe, Guess Who, Scrabble and Life.

“We’ve already had patrons play games on the table, ranging in age from 3-16 years old, and they’ve all loved it,” she added. “We’re so excited about this addition and want everyone to have a chance to play.”

Play is permitted in 30-minute increments by sign-up. If nobody has signed up when a player’s time limit expires, additional play – 30 minutes at the time – can be requested.

Lindsay Hall and her sons, Judd and Tate, were already library regulars, and she said they are happy about the new activities.

“After seeing the library’s Facebook post, my oldest, Tate, was thrilled and couldn’t get to the library fast enough to try out the electronic table,” Hall said. “As a homeschool parent, I’m happy to see our library advancing in its resources. The table has a ton of fun games, and they especially liked that all of them will take multiple players so they could play together.”

Bowen explained she wanted to do something to draw people into the library so they can see all of the resources available.

“Although everyone loves the way a book feels, and books can never be replaced,” she said, “I feel that technology is a huge part of what the public is longing for, especially teens and young adults.”

She said when she found out about the game table, she saw its potential right away.

“I was so excited. I knew this is what our library needed in order to keep up with today’s generation,” she explained. “The table consists of games we all have grown up loving and playing, as well educational games for all ages.”

The library is located at 110 Lawrence Street E., and it is open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. For more information, visit the Russellville Public Library Facebook page, email ruslib110@yahoo.com or call 256-332-1535.