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PHOTOS: NWSCC Phil Campbell campus presents ‘Shrek the Musical’

Northwest Shoals Community College Phil Campbell campus presented “Shrek the Musical.”

Cast included: Shrek, Avery Guinn; Adult Fiona, Sara McCracken; Donkey, Eliyon Cooper; Lord Farquaad, CJ Hamm; Dragon, Kylia Hosford; Pinocchio, MacKenzie Britton, Sugar Plum Fairy/Gingy, Courtney Posey; Papa Ogre/Papa Bear/Guard/Dead Knight/DuLoc Greeter, Briley Palmer; Mama Ogre/Wicked Witch/DuLoc/Dancer/Tap Dancing Rat, Makenzie Galloway; Young Shrek/Baby Bear, Shaler Stone; King Harold/Guard/Dead Knight/Dwarf, Acy Evan Davis; Young Fiona/Peter Pan, Layla Rush; Teen Fiona/Tap Dancing Rat/Exploding Bird/Fiona Body Double, Lisa Valentine; Three Blind Mice, Tap Dancing Rat, DuLoc Greeter, Meredyth Galloway; Queen Lillian/Three Blind Mice, DuLoc/Greeter, Ashleigh Berry; Mama Bear, DuLoc Greeter, Katelyn Mardis; Thelonious/Captain of the Guards, Luis Lucas; Fairy Godmother, Harley Carter; Three Little Pigs/DuLoc Greeter/Pied Piper/Guard, Eli Mouser; Three Little Pigs/DuLoc Greeter, Elizabeth Cannon; Three Little Pigs, Katie Shackleford; Mad Hatter/Baishop/DuLoc Greeter, Antonio Santamaria; Ugly Duckling/Tap DaduLoc Greeter/Guard/ncing Rat/Three Blind Mice, Brooke Cartony; Big Bad Wolf, Tommy Quinn; Greeter Mascot/DuLoc Greeter/Guard/Dead Knight, John Linley; Red Riding Hood/Tap Dancing Rat/Dancing Skeleton, Lynnlee Montgomery; Goldilocks/Tap Dancing Rats/Dancing Skeleton, Kennedy Bevis; White Rabbit/Tap Dancing Rat/Dancing Skeleton, Addisyn Rogers.

Crew included: Stage Manager/Tech/Dragon Puppeteer, Nicholas Pounders; Tech/Dragon Puppeteer, Jayden Padilla; Tech/Dragon Puppeteer, Abigail McDonald; Lighting Tech, DaKota Galloway; Lighting Tech, Lacey Parker; Music Director, Gene Anne Gifford; Costumer, Trish Campbell; Choreographer, Lisa Valentine; Director, Jonathon Romero.

Cast member awards: Most improved, Katelyn Mardis; most artistic, CJ Hamm; longest hours, Antonio Santamaria; most committed, Katie Shackleford; most versatile, Kylia Hosford; fastest learner, Brooke Cartony; outstanding tech, Nick Pounders; outstanding dancer, Ashleigh Berry; best character portrayal, Eli Cooper; best ensemble, Courtney Posey; best facial expressions, Lynlee Montgomery; team player, Addisyn Rogers; outstanding youth dancer, Kennedy Bevis; biggest break, Sara McCracken; most outstanding, Avery Guinn.