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What a year in Franklin County

Can you believe 2021 is here? Somehow, 2020 has seemed to last a decade, while at the same time passing in a blur.

If, like us, you’re having some difficulty remembering everything that has happened in Franklin County this year besides just one big blur called coronavirus – we’ve got you covered with our annual “Year in Review.”

Believe it or not, other things besides the coronavirus did take place this year in our community, and we’re here to bring those events to mind.

Good news and bad news alike shaped our communities this year, and now it’s all in the history books.

We invite you take a quick look back at that recent history in this week’s edition. You might be surprised to recall everything that has taken place in 2020 and reflect on the events that have impacted your life.

With all the new developments – many of which are still ongoing in our communities – we know there is plenty to look forward to in 2021 and the years to come.

It’s true this year was full of monumental struggle, and the arrival of a new year isn’t going to erase that or change things overnight. As we look to the new year, however, we can’t help but feel confident it promises good things to come in Franklin County.