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Dec. 16-31 Land Transactions

Dec. 16

James Strickland to Chris Hoehn, Clerk’s

Jamie Berry to Jeffrey Scott, Warranty

Sandra Beasley to New Towers LLC, Easement

Judith Thompson to Michael Gandy, Deed Trustee’s

Bankruptcy Estate of Rog to Shamika Rice, Deed Trustee’s

Dec. 17

Jason Davis to Jason Davis, Survivorship

Dec. 18

John Cheek to Longbridge Financial LLC, Foreclosure

Amy Hodge to Travis Hodge, Quit Claim

Carolyn Stewart to Rhonda Santoni, Warranty

Christine Murray to Christine Cox, warranty

Barbara Peppers to Gina Meadows, Warranty

Barbara Peppers to Thomas Herring, Warranty

Jennifer Williams to Rural Housing Service, Foreclosure

Second Creek LLC to JMM Holdings LLC, Warranty

JBBR Inc to Gerardo Bahena, Warranty

Patsy Liles to Amanda Cleveland, Warranty

Dec. 19

Gerald Hester to CB&S Bank, Affidavit

Guilford Oliver to Darren Oliver, Survivorship

Rogers Family Partnership to Essra Miller, Warranty

Dec. 20

Addie Brown to Rebecca Rogers, Warranty

Diana Wilson to William Wilson, Warranty

Wayne Miller to Brian Miller, warranty

Jonathan King to Jacob Seal, Survivorship

Sheila Ward to Sheila Underwood, Corrective

Dec. 23

Carl Cummings to Maria Vargas, Survivorship

Sherry Oden to Homer Brown, Survivorship

Bennie Prince to James Burcham, Warranty

Joan Thorn to Billie Taylor, Survivorship

R. Newell to Nick Ahmed Auto Sales, Warranty

Dec. 26

Angelique Madden to Cleveland Properties, Warranty

Debbie Cansler to John Hammond, Survivorship

Peter Giersberg to Heather Watts, Power of Attorney

Carlton Hamilton to Fairview Cemetery, Cemetery

Quality Land and Timber to Jolee McNees, Timber

Quality Land and Timber to Peoples Trust Bank, Timber

Dec. 27

Charles Brown to Charles Cashion, Warranty

Ashley Timmons to Brent Clement, Warranty

Donald Posey to Steven Posey, Quit Claim

Michael Smith to Savannah Smith, Warranty

Tony Turbyfill to Terry Sparks, Survivorship

Orville Nash to Rebecca Watts, Affidavit

Dec. 30

Roger Bedford to Alton Morrell, Deed Trustee’s

Bret Weems to Thomas Boyles, Survivorship

Ada Kelly to Aaron Harbin, Survivorship

Jeffrey Stidham to Athony Lovett, Corrective

Charles Dale to Tonya Jones, Power of Attorney

Nell Hall to Selvin Lopez, Contract

Patric Frost to Eugene Harris, Sale Contract