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Two men charged with kidnapping

Two charged with kidnapping

An altercation between two males and one female Monday afternoon ended with a police pursuit of two suspects on foot near a local motel and the surrounding area.

Police were called to the Budget Inn on Hwy. 43 on the afternoon of Jan. 12 in response to a domestic violence report, according to officials. The manager of the business witnessed two males attacking a female in the parking lot shortly after 2 p.m. and made the call from her room at the motel.

“I live on the premises and it was my day off and as I was sitting there watching television I heard someone screaming for help,” said manager Tracy Kearns. “When I heard the commotion I went outside and saw one man pinning a lady up against a car and hitting her.

“I went back in my room and called the police and when I went back outside to tell the lady that help was on the way there was a second man who was holding her against the car and hitting her.”

Kearns said a Russellville City Police officer arrived shortly after and pulled behind the vehicle and blocked it in.

“When the officer pulled up the two men were in their car and were going to try and leave,” Kearns said. “The officer had the passenger get out of the car and then the driver ran off. Then the passenger fought with the officer a little bit and he ran off.”

Russellville City Police Chief Chris Hargett said the two men attempted to force the woman into the car with them.

“When our officer arrived on the scene he witnessed the two men trying to force the woman into the car to leave with them,” Hargett said. “That’s when the foot pursuit began.”

Cody Lynn McCaulou, 20 and Michael Anthony Netherton, 28
Cody Lynn McCaulou, 20 and Michael Anthony Netherton, 28

Hargett said the woman was picked up in the Shoals area and brought to Russellville by Michael Anthony Netherton, 28, and Cody Lynn McCaulou, 20. According to Hargett it was apparent that the woman was then being held against her will once the three arrived at the motel.

The foot pursuit brought in at least one Alabama State Trooper, numerous Russellville Police officers and investigators, and at least one Franklin County Sheriff’s Deputy.

Hargett said the pursuit of the two men lasted only a few minutes before both were apprehended.

“One man was picked up east of the highway and one was picked up west of the highway,” Hargett said. “Both were eventually caught near Lawrence St.”

Both men have been charged with first degree kidnapping, resisting arrest, attempting to elude an officer. Netherton was also charged with providing a false identity to an officer in an attempt to obstruct justice.

Both men are currently being held in the Russellville City Jail. There are holds on both men from the Sheffield and Florence Police departments due to prior warrants or charges, according to Hargett.

First degree kidnapping is a Class A felony and can carry a sentence between 10 years to life depending on prior felonies. Resisting arrest is a Class B misdemeanor and can be sentenced up to six months. Attempting to elude an officer is a Class A misdemeanor and can be sentenced up to one year. Providing a false identity in order to obstruct justice is a Class C felony and can be sentenced between one year to 10 years in prison.

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