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Hodges pulls off great festival

By Staff
The first-ever Spirit of Hodges Festival was a success thanks to everyone who traveled to the small town to participate in the festivities.
The event was about celebrating the town's heritage, and the festival also coincides with the town's Centennial celebration.
While there were several vendors at the event, the entertainment line up was excellent from the children to Joseph Baldwin and Brianna Lawler. The lineup was quite impressive.
The festival brought people in from across the county.
Residents of Vina, Red Bay, Hackleburg, Russellville and Phil Campbell flocked to participate in the event.
This year's festival sets a precedent, and future events are sure to be just as successful, if not more so.
Congratulations to the Town of Hodges for having a festival celebrating your heritage and history.
Congratulations to the planning committee for making this event so great. Success doesn't come without work.
And thank you to all those who participated by bringing in their lawn chairs and enjoying what the town had to offer. The event would not have been successful without you.