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Veterans need active support groups

By Staff
The Russellville chapter of the Disabled American Veterans voluntarily disbanded their organization due to lack of members and interest in the community. The four members tried to keep the organization going to give veterans a place to turn to in the time of need. But, as the years passed it became more difficult for the members to take care of business, which is why the organization voluntarily decided to disband.
Russellville's chapter began in 1930, and has struggled with membership since its inceptions, especially in recent years. It is disappointing that such an organization has to close its doors due to lack of members.
There are so many veterans across the nation searching for programs and organizations to help. The DAV could have done a lot for our community and our veterans if only some of the younger soldiers showed interest in the organization.
It is important that all veterans find a group in which to belong to share their stories, fears and their dreams. Going to war is difficult, and returning may be even more difficult especially without a strong support system.
We encourage all veterans to become active in whatever organization in which they belong so that no other veteran organization becomes a memory like the Russellville DAV.