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What a fast three years it's been

By Staff
Jason Cannon, Franklin County Times
Saturday, my little girl, Lizzie, will turn three years old.
It seems almost absurd that she was born three years ago, but that's what her birth certificate says.
When Tiffany and I first found out that we were going to have a baby, we had countless people tell us that she'd be grown before we knew it.
"Five years will seem like five minutes," they said.
I didn't really believe it.
I didn't expect Lizzie to grow any faster than I did, but having a child can truly warp your concept of time.
As we prepare ourselves for Lizzie's third birthday, I am finding out that all those people were right and those three years seem an awful lot like three hours.
Where has the time gone?
I remember when Lizzie was just a baby, lying on her turtle blanket and playing with the various rattlers and toys that were Velcroed to it. I remember Lizzie's first steps.
She first began, like most babies, pulling herself up on the couch and scooting along the furniture.
By the time she could get to the end table she was out of steam and out of real estate. She then would plop down on the floor.
One morning, Tiffany and I were taking turns holding her hands and walking her up and down the hall. Tiffany balanced her and let go. Lizzie shuffled her feet a few times and flopped to the floor.
I picked her up and balanced her again.
When I let go, she took off.
These last three years have been full of milestones typical of growing children.
As first time parents Tiffany and I have found ourselves amazed at what our not-so-little girl has been able to accomplish on her own and – at three years old – how independent she's become.
Each day she seems to learn a little more and she now leads the blessing at the dinner table. And don't let her catch you picking up your fork before she's started. She also doesn't like it if you take a sip of water before she starts.
It really has been a fast three years.
I hope it slows down a little but I don't expect it to.
Maybe when Lizzie blows out her candles Saturday, I'll sneak in a birthday wish of my own.