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Profile 2003: A Sense of Place'
Fifth Profile section focuses on successes

By Staff
The staff of The Meridian Star invites you to submit a story to "Profile 2003: A Sense of Place" the third in an award-winning series of reader-written special editions.
Profile 2003 comes out at the end of February, but parts of it will be printed in advance as early as mid-January.
The fifth section is devoted to the business community.
We went through the photo archives here at the newspaper, and reproduced a handful of pictures on page B10 that show people and places that have helped to "grow Meridian." Write about one of these, or go through the file cabinets at work, pull a picture down from the wall, find one you like better one from a special day in the history of your business.
Updates about what happened at your business this year are also welcome, or you can also write a "Best Brag" story about a great boss or valued employee. Look for the forms in this week's editions.
The deadline for the "Commerce and Industry" section is Feb. 5. The special edition will be published Feb. 27.
Send your submission to: The Meridian Star/Profile 2003; P.O. Box 1591; Meridian MS 39302. Be sure to include your name, phone number and a little biographical information about yourself. Photos submitted with stories may be picked up in March.
If you want to talk about your story idea, call Managing Editor Suzanne Monk at 693-1551 or e-mail her at smonk@themeridianstar.com.