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Thursday, Oct. 17, 2002

By Staff
Veteran will vote
for Pickering
To the editor:
I try to keep up with Mr. Pickering and Mr. Shows. First, let me tell you I am a veteran of World War II. I believe Chip has got as much for the veterans as anyone has. I believe Chip is honest and truthful, and a Christian man. I think Mr. Shows is a good man.
One thing I don't understand about Mr. Shows when he says he is standing on the promises is which promises the right, and Christian way, or the liberal Democrat promises. As he said at the Philadelphia house party, he is a Democrat and would be voting for the liberal Democrat party. That speaks for itself.
I am proud to be a conservative GOP member supporting Chip Pickering for Congress. I ask all veterans to give a close look at what he stands for and the kind of a person he is. He will help each one of us if we will let him know what the problem is. He will stand up for all of the veterans.
S.R. McAdams
Mental Illness
Awareness Week
To the editor:
There are so very many people to thank for the success of National Mental Illness Awareness Week. Those of our own group put in many long hours to bring it about. Their time and effort is more than appreciated.
Mayor John Robert Smith, Lauderdale County Circuit Clerk Donna Jill Johnson and Sheriff Billy Sollie were certainly welcomed guests at our candlelight vigil on Oct. 7. Also, The Meridian Star and WTOK were most generous in providing publicity for all the events.
However, I find myself a bit disturbed that there were so many of the mental health providers who did not respond to telephone calls or were conspicuous by their absence at the affairs. Surely these with so many employees and who are such a presence on the community could have put forth a little more effort.
Brenda Pennington
National Alliance
for the Mentally Ill
Traveler grateful
for help
To the editor:
A "Good Samaritan" lives in Meridian. His name is Hector Flores.
On Wednesday evening, Oct. 3, I was stranded on the shoulder of I-20 west of town with a blown tire on my camper trailer. Hector Flores, an employee of TCI tire centers was on his way home from work and saw my plight as he crossed a bridge over the highway.
He turned back, drove west on the interstate until he could cross to the east bound side and returned to help. He immediately discovered the spare was not usable, loaded the two tires into his car and drove me into town. This type of tire is not readily available. It was fortunate that Chaney Tire Company had them and that there was someone working late to sell them to me.
Hector then took me to Wal-Mart to have them mounted and balanced and drove me back to my camper. After the new tire was on the ground, he examined the others and found another that had tread separation and a knot. Fortunately we had the other new tire to use.
Hector spent over two hours helping me and I am deeply grateful. Not only did he take his time to help, he also used his cell phone several times to locate the tires. He asked in return that I help someone else and continue a chain of help and rescue.
Meridian is blessed to have Hector Flores as a resident. God bless him.
Billy Trotter