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Clarkdale unveils new math, science wing

By Staff
NEW WING Engineer Brad Carter Jr., of Carter Miller Associates Ltd. in Meridian, gives a tour of the new Clarkdale math and science wing to school officials and media. The new facility will open to students when the new school year begins Aug. 8. Photo by Carissa McCain / The Meridian Star
By Lynette Wilson / staff writer
August 3, 2002
When Clarkdale Attendance Center students return to campus next week, students taking science courses will find themselves dissecting frogs and conducting chemical experiments in a new math and science wing.
And each of the six classrooms and two labs have their own air temperature control.
Teachers and central office staff got their first opportunity to walk through the 11,000 square foot, $950,000 building on Friday. The interior is decorated with the Bulldog's maroon and white colors.
Little said the money used to construct the building came from 16th Section revenues. In Mississippi every 16th parcel of land is set aside for timber cultivation with the profits going to the public schools.
Carter said architects and engineers worked with teachers to make sure their specifications and needs were included in the final building.
Weir, who teaches chemistry, anatomy, physical science and advanced placement biology, said the old lab wasn't bad, just too small to accommodate the increase in students taking upper-level science courses, and the equipment was outdated.
Clarkdale High School principal Jan Miller said class size will be limited to 20-22 students. Clarkdale offers two chemistry, two anatomy, three biology and one physics class.
Based on 2001 enrollment figures, 960 students attend Clarkdale.