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Henson grabs medal

By By Larry Gostkowski/special to The Star
June 23, 2002
For the youngsters, it's fun, and for the more experienced rowers, canoeing and kayaking represent health, fitness and well, fun. That's what the 20 or so competitors at this year's canoe/kayak competition had to say about their sports.
Four events in both recreational and competitive levels were on the schedule A 500-yard sprint and a long course, approximately two miles, for both canoe and kayak. Due to the light participation the events were completed in less than two hours. In fact it took less time to run the events than it did to get them started.
Despite the delay, the competitors all had some fun and all came away with a medal for their efforts and their patience.
For one competitor Meridian's Beverly Henson her passion for kayaking, along with mountain biking, swimming and running has become something of a cottage industry. Henson, age 50, competed in her fourth and fifth events of the games when she slipped into her kayak for two more races.
Earlier in the day she had claimed second place in the 5K masters run, and then later, set a State Games record in the 50 meter free-style swim as well as claiming a second gold in the 100 meter backstroke.
Following her kayak races, Henson was heading to the mountain bike course, where she had planned to race the four-mile course before calling it a day.
Not bad for a lady who just five years ago weighed 150 pounds more than she does today.
Henson is currently writing a book, "Gotta Get Moving" about her middle-age crisis and phenomenal weight loss, and has booked a five-city speaking tour in Australia.
Rev. Don Ingram, of the New Beginning Christian Fellowship Church, at 64 years of age, has managed to stay in terrific shape thanks to canoeing. He paired up with 12-year-old Joseph Ivy in the 1 child/1 adult 500 meter sprint. Ivy is the son of fellow minister Terry Ivy and agreed with the majority.
Winning gold medals were Terry Wiese, Bill Calvert, Rene Kent, Wayne Snow, Tim Snow, Charles West, Joseph Ivy, Don Ingrumd, Misty Hollingsworth, Matt Barrett, Robert Shine, Elvin Sund, Christian Reineke, Kim Reineke, Janet Davis, Wayne Berry, Jeb Berry, Ronald Morrill and Zach Riley.