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College for Kids doubles in size

By Staff
MARTIAL ARTS Leigh Bullock, left, gives instructions in kick boxing to Bryston Brown, Phillip Shanaghan and others during College for Kids at Meridian Community College. The first session is under way with an enrollment of 330 students. Spaces are still available for the second session on June 17-21. Photo by Paula Merritt/The Meridian Star
By Steve Gillespie / staff writer
June 13, 2002
When Shelley Volpp of Meridian came home from work Tuesday, she was surprised when her children greeted her in Spanish.
Next year, Eric wants to try Cooking for Fun, because one of his friends is enjoying that class this week.
Now in its third year, MCC's College for Kids program has grown from 180 students to 330 enrolled so far this year.
Jeanette Norment, MCC's continuing education coordinator, organizes the College for Kids program.
Some of the classes are geared to the outdoors, like Track and Shoot, taught by Mississippi conservation officer Bobby Wilder.
Students have tracked a raccoon and a deer this week around the lake shared by MSU and East Mississippi State Hospital and they have learned how to shoot with BB guns.
Wilder, like most of the instructors for College for Kids, is a volunteer.
Another outdoor oriented class is Fly Fishing, taught by volunteer Tom Coats of Meridian. His students plan to go out in a boat today.
Watts also takes the Track and Shoot class and he plans to take tennis during the second session of College for Kids.
Parker Bullock, 8, of Hickory, is in the Track and Shoot class as well.
Norment said the program works to limit class size to 10-12 students.