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Letters to the editor continued

By Staff
Letters to the editor continued
June 9, 2002
Emotional story
To the editor:
I do not know anything about writing awards and such, but surely Buddy Bynum's article ("The uncle I never knew, The Meridian Star, May 27) on his uncle on Memorial Day should win something. It made Memorial Day special in a way that has never happened to me before. It moved me to tears (literally) and that doesn't happen too often.
Thank you for sharing a part of your life.
Sybil W. Morgan
via e-mail
A distinctly Southern act of kindness, generosity
To the editor,
This a story about two wonderful truly genteel Southern ladies. The first is my mother, Mrs. Elsie Buchanan Hinton, who passed away on Wednesday, May 22, 2002. The second you will meet in a few minutes.
Mom was a really loving gentle wonderful mom. She had been in ill health and had spent the past couple of years in a nursing home. She had often said that when she passed that she wanted three specific items in her casket with her. One from each of her three children, Mallie Vernon Hinton Jr., William Spears Hinton and Elsie Frances Hinton. The item she wanted most from me, William Spears Hinton, was a small crystal bell that I had purchased for her somewhere in my travels.
Upon her passing Wednesday, my wife Susan and I immediately left our home in Gulfport for the trip to Meridian. Not an altogether joyous occasion in the first place. Having preplanned the funeral, my sister Frances was already making the necessary preparations. We arrived around midnight and stayed in a motel.
The next morning we met my sister and disaster struck again! The bell was gone!
Needless to say I was devastated. Susan and I immediately began the search for a replacement. I could not bear the thought of mother not having a bell from me with her. We searched the mall from end to end, asking each merchant, jewelry story, department store, novelty shop, "Do you have a crystal bell?" Each time, just like Joseph and Mary seeking a room a the inn, the answer was, "No we do not."
We left the mall area, drove the Frontage Road, again stopping and asking. And always the answer was "no." Finally my wife said why don't we go to the place where you bought the Saworski Crystal. Perhaps they have a bell. I told her I was not sure I could even find it. I drove around a bit and finally found Hart-Hall Ltd. on 24th Avenue. Thank God for them.
Inside, I asked the same question, "Do you have a crystal bell." The answer was "no."
Now for a second lady. As I stood crying and relating the story of the missing bell she was writing out a check for merchandise she was purchasing. She looked at me, saw my grief and despair and without hesitation said, "I have a crystal bell." My heart leaped! I said I'd gladly pay you for it. She said, no, just wait right here and I will go home and get it for you.
She left and in about 15 minutes returned with a beautiful crystal bell, apologizing for the delay and saying she had taken the time to clean it. I took the bell, my hands shaking and tears unabatedly flowing down my cheeks, told her thank you and in the wisp of a moment she was gone.
The lady, Sally Scaggs, is an absolutely marvelous, loving person. God bless her. Thanks to her kindness and generosity my mother was buried on Saturday, May 25, 2002, with the crystal bell by her side.
I just wanted to take this opportunity to publicly tell Meridian how fortunate they are to have this person in their community and tell you, Mrs. Scaggs, how much I deeply appreciated what you did for me and to again thank you from the very bottom of my heart.
Good luck. God bless.
William S. Hinton
Jaycees serve meaningful role
To the editor:
I am writing to let you know of an important event that took place on Wednesday, May 29, 2002. The Greater Meridian Jaycees established the Mississippi Junior Miss Program Inc. as a completely self-sufficient organization, with its own unique membership. The Jaycees have a long history of working within the community of Meridian. Out of this history have come several large projects, such as the Jaycee Soccer Complex, Lakeview Golf course and Mississippi Junior Miss. These endeavors were initially undertaken as Jaycee projects, but became so successful that it became necessary for them to stand on their own. With Lakeview and the Jaycee Soccer Complex, the Jaycees created these projects, then gave them away so that the Jaycees could go on to create something new.
Over 40 years ago, the Jaycees brought the Mississippi Junior Miss Program to Meridian. Since that time, the Jaycees have worked along with Mississippi Junior Miss to provide young women of Mississippi with an avenue to pursue scholarships even on to a national level.
Now that Mississippi Junior Miss is completely independent, they can continue to excel in this area. This will allow the Jaycees to focus our attention in a new direction to find another great project that will benefit the community in the future. The Jaycees will continue to host the Meridian and Lauderdale County Junior Miss Programs to provide scholarships for local candidates and will continue as volunteers for both the state and local programs.
We look forward to the continuing success of both organizations.
Tricia S. Morris
President, The Greater Meridian Jaycees
Parents grateful to emergency team
To the editor,
On Sunday, March 31, our daughter was in an automobile accident on Dogwood Lake Road. We are grateful for all the efforts by the EMT's, Bailey Fire Department, the deputy sheriff, and especially the guardian angel who first found her and stayed with her until she was on her way to the hospital. The guardian angel also called us to let us know about the wreck. We would like to thank all who were willing to help and for calling 911. It's a comfort to know we live in a community with such caring people. Thank you and may God bless all of you.
Lyle and Pauline Fulton
Start-up business looking for a plumber
To the editor:
My lament is that I am trying to open up a business in Meridian and I have been unable to hire a plumber. I have contacted every plumber in Meridian (several owners came out and looked at the jobs), but I can not get them to work for me. I assure you that I am able to pay them, but after looking at the job, they will not follow up (even after repeated phone calls). Is this a conspiracy? No, I don't think so, but the plumbers here appear to be too busy to be courteous.
Ed Holt