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Day 11: Biking along the Rhine River

By By Chris Whitaker / staff writer
June 11, 2002
Andy and Eric Armstrong biked along the Rhine River on Monday, riding into a steady wind and 50- to 60-degree temperatures.
It was one of the coldest days Andy and his grandson have had since the start of their European bicycle trip. And the day began with a good breakfast.
Monday's trip came one day after a slight mishap on Sunday in which Andy collided with another biker who had pulled in front of him. Andy escaped with a sprained shoulder and bruised knee.
The two stayed in Dsseldorf, Germany, on Sunday. And Armstrong said there were many people, including mimes and musicians, out on the boardwalk nearby.
On Monday, the two left Dsseldorf in the cool weather. Andy said the rain from the night before made everything look fresh.
Andy said he and Eric got lost two or three times Monday because a road sign seemed to be taken down. When they found the right road, he saw a Ford automobile plant.
Along the way, they saw a McDonald's restaurant. Andy ate an "Asian box" that included two egg rolls; Eric had 20 chicken nuggets. Eric said he eats a six-pack of Snickers candy bars every day.
Eric took a 30-minute power nap before starting again. Andy said they saw a demolition crew demolishing a building with a wrecking ball. From there they crossed a railroad bridge to the east side of the Rhine River.
Whenever they take a break from riding, Eric listens to some of his favorite bands including Limp Bizkit, Offspring and Linkin Park on his portable compact disc player.
Armstrong said they decided to stop in Bonn, Germany, for the night and hoped to find an inexpensive hotel.