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Mayor: Two new fire stations possible

By Staff
LIVING QUARTERS The living quarters at Meridian's Fire Station No. 2 has peeling paint, windows covered by cardboard, old furniture and water damage. City officials, firefighters and community activists say the station should be replaced. Photoby Carisa McCain / The Meridian Star
By Fredie Carmichael/staff writer
Feb. 7, 2002
Meridian Mayor John Robert Smith said Wednesday there are plans to build two new fire stations on the south side of the city.
The long-range plan means: 1) replacing Station No. 2, criticized over the past few months because of its poor conditions; and 2) building a new station, No. 8, near the proposed Cooper Community at Bonita Lakes.
Both would be located on the south side of Interstate 20/59. Smith said plans have been in the works for a new Station No. 2 for several years.
Local activist Bill McBride recently complained to the city council about poor conditions at Station No. 2 and Station No. 6. McBride cited peeling paint, poor drainage and safety issues.
Smith said since his plans include building a new No. 2, he does not foresee spending any additional money on repairs.
Station No. 2 was built in the early 1990s.
Smith said construction of the new stations will begin when the city has enough money for the projects.