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In loving memory of Alex

By Staff
LIVING A DREAM n After a series of unfortunate incidents interrupted her initial plans, Kim Reeves, left, is finally teaching at Quitman Upper Elementary School. Her mother, Ramona Smith,with the help of some friends, painted a peaceful mural for Kim's classroom in honor of Kim's daughter, Alex, who died after a traffic accident. The mural helps keep Alex's memory alive. Photo by Steve Swogetinsky/The Meridian Star
By Steve Swogetinsky/The Meridian Star
Aug. 19, 2001
The mural painted on the wall in Kim Reeves' classroom at Quitman Upper Elementary School depicts the ocean. There are fish of all types swimming around. There's even an island off to the side with a palm tree.
It's a calm, peaceful setting where the students in her classroom can sit and read books. Kim's mother, Ramona Smith, painted the mural with help from some friends.
To Ramona, it is a gift to her daughter and a memorial to her granddaughter, Kim's daughter, Alex, who died June 24, 2000, from injuries suffered in a car wreck.