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Lauderdale man arrested for sex show'

By By Sheila Blackmon/The Meridian Star
July 10, 2001
Lauderdale County deputies arrested an 18-year-old man Monday for allegedly having sex with a minor in front of four children at a pre-July 4 party.
Allen E. Nause of 3057 Valley Road was arrested about noon at his home under warrants signed by two of the four children's mothers, said Investigator Jim Stephens of the Lauderdale County Sheriff's Department.
The charge he was booked under, "dissemination of sexually-oriented materials," derives from the allegation that the act was performed in front of children. The charge is used in association with a "play, dance or other performance that is sexually oriented."
Stephens said Nause and a teen-age girl allegedly performed oral sex and intercourse in the presence of four children ages 10-11.
Stephens said at least one of the children is a relative of the teen-age girl. He declined to release information about the teen-ager, who is a juvenile.
The act occurred in the early morning hours of July 1, he said.
Two counts of the charge were filed Monday, Stephens said, and Nause bonded out that night about 10:20. His bond was $1,000 for each count.
Stephens said a third mother is expected to sign a complaint today. The fourth family, who are not residents of Lauderdale County, are out of town on vacation and won't be back until next week, he said.
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