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Five gold medals

By By Scottye Carter/The Meridian Star
June 18, 2001
For Holly Corbitt, the State Games of Mississippi represents good competitors to conquer and gold medals to add to the collection she hopes one day to possess.
Corbitt is an 11-year-old Olympic hopeful. She is tall, and her dark hair hides under a black swimming cap.
This summer, she spent two weeks training with David Marsh, an Olympic swimming coach, at Auburn University. She'll be in the sixth grade this fall.
Corbitt has been a member of the Meridian Swim Association for six years. She also runs 5Ks, and she is competing in the State Games 5K run. She has had good finishes in local races like the Laird Run, the Raider Run and the Anderson Cup Road Race.
Swimming the mile
At Auburn, Corbitt cut over 2 minutes from her already quick mile swim. To be able to swim 30 lengths of an Olympic pool quickly, intense training is necessary, along with natural ability and desire.
Corbitt swims four hours on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, she takes a break and only swims for two hours.
Corbitt commented on her state of mind during training for events like the mile.
In the State Games, Corbitt swam in many races, including the 50- and 200-meter freestyle, the 50- and 100-meter fly, and the relays.
She won a total of 5 gold medals.
Thinking about the future
She said her friends sometimes joke with her about her swimming.
One day though, Corbitt may actually be signing autographs. Her future plans include Auburn University and the Olympics.
As she calmed down to prepare and focus for the 50-meter freestyle, her mother commented on her plans.
Her mother also said that in one of Holly's journals, she expressed a desire to travel to the future to see if she made it to the Olympics or not.
But as Holly sliced through the blue water and bypassed all other swimmers in the pool Sunday, it was obvious that her passion and desire along with her physical speed may carry her as far as she wants to go.
Scottye Carter is a staff writer for The Meridian Star.