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Decatur: Spears wins close vote; Griffin takes mayoral primary

By By Sheila Blackmon/The Meridian Star
May 2, 2001
DECATUR Incumbent Chris Spears won the Ward 2 Alderman's race here Tuesday by two votes after a low voter turnout.
Ward 2 voters had to chose whether to vote for a Republican mayor or a Democratic alderman. Incumbent David Griffin won the mayoral race against Hampton Gardner, 175-24.
Meanwhile, Spears beat Mark Buntyn by a vote of 14-12. Buntyn served Ward 2 as alderman for 12 years just prior to Spear's first term.
Mississippi does not require political party registration, but parties do conduct primaries.
Blount said the U.S. Supreme Court ruled California's blanket primary unconstitutional because it violated the parties' right to select their nominees.
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