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Volunteers building new Salvation Army kitchen

By By Sharon White/The Meridian Star
March 13, 2001
Things are really heating up at The Salvation Army's homeless shelter with the renovation and remodeling of the kitchen.
For more than a year, Mur has been calling on local business owners to help with a number of improvements. So far, the effort has produced a community recreation hall at the church and the moving of the organization's business office into the former Citizens National Bank located just across the street from the church.
Now the focus is on the development of a larger homeless shelter. In the past, the shelter has provided more than 6,000 meals a year.
Meals are currently being prepared in an apartment-size kitchen and served in 150-foot-square dining room.
The renovation is expected to produce in a 500-square-foot kitchen with a 600-square-foot dining room and a lodge enlarged to sleep up to 20 people double its current capacity. Although the lodge expansion is in its final stage, the kitchen and dining area work has just begun in the space formerly occupied by The Salvation Army's B Street business office.
City officials have approved the project and Barber Plumbing and Pettengill Electric are providing in-kind services. Dennan Construction Company workers have also completed general work. Major kitchen equipment donated by local businessman Stan Sanders is on its way.
Mur is counting on help from the National Association of Home Builders.
Robinson said Meridian Home Builders Association promotes educational opportunities for students, who will be watchdogs of legislative action and provide support in protecting the industry's stand on particular issues.
HBA members evaluated the plans and made suggestions, which are now being incorporated by Archer.
For more information, call Mur at 483-6156.
Sharon White is a staff writer for The Meridian Star. E-mail her at swhite@themeridianstar.com.