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November 22, 2000

By Staff
Reflecting on the bounty
To the Editor:
Thanksgiving is a special time to reflect on the bounty we enjoy, and this year is no exception. But as we gather with our family and friends, let us be reminded that the food for our holiday meal did not come just from a grocery store; that the cotton in our holiday clothing came from a field.
As Americans, we enjoy an abundant and safe food supply made available to us by farmers and ranchers, processors, brokers, transporters, wholesalers and retailers.
National Farm-City Week, Nov. 17-23, is designated to emphasize the successful partnerships between rural and urban residents who make our food and fiber system the envy of the world. The ongoing theme for the week is "Partners in Progress."
And we are all partners farmers, ranchers, factory workers, truck drivers, cashiers, supermarket managers and consumers. The farm-city connection accounts for more than 22 million jobs in the American food and fiber industry. In order to continue to have a viable food system, we need all our partners to be strong.
As we enjoy our Thanksgiving holiday this year, let us remember all of our "partners." National Farm-City Week provides all Americans with the perfect opportunity to say "Thank You."
Tommy Blizard
President, Lauderdale County Farm Bureau
November is National Diabetes Month
To the Editor:
In an effort to further awareness of diabetes, the Diabetes Foundation of Mississippi is conducting a campaign during the month of November called "Good Health Depends on Good Control." This campaign is designed to help people with diabetes learn how to take charge of this disease and live longer, feel better and stay healthier.
As Mississippians we need to take diabetes seriously and get aggressive about treating and diagnosing it. More than 1,700 people in Mississippi will die from its complications, such as heart and kidney failure, and strokes. Many will suffer from blindness and lower limb amputations. Finally, the economic impact of diabetes costs our state nearly $1.6 billion annually in direct and indirect costs.
The Diabetes Foundation is the only diabetes organization totally dedicated to helping all Mississippians from our children to our seniors who live with diabetes. All of the donations raised by the Diabetes Foundation stay in this state to fund research in Mississippi, provide free educational materials and diabetes counseling, sponsor summer camp programs for children with diabetes, and to provide services.
We encourage people with diabetes to take charge of their health and learn what they can do to live well with diabetes. Call 1-877-DFM-CURE (336-2873) for more information.
Don E. Marascalco, M.D.
President East Central Mississippi Chapter
Diabetes Foundation of Mississippi
Thanks for final salute
To the Editor:
I do not know why it has not been done before but The Meridian Star is to be commended for adding the emblem of the American flag to the obituary notice of a serviceman or woman.
I trust it will continue.
Hugh Foster