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The mini-series of Sand Boy

Chapter 8

We are in the air on this huge plane, motors humming and winding up for takeoff.  I am so excited and this plane looks like a flying house.  Everything looks royal blue, seat covers, blanket, drapery, it is just beautiful.  We start and after about 30 minutes we are up and the stewardess starts to see if anyone needs anything.  They had everything to eat, drink and read and they were there to make your flight a flying joy.  Grandmother told me not to ask for too much because we needed to sleep on the flight.  In about two hours they came around with a tray and placed it in front on the pull down.  Peanuts, candy, sandwich of turkey on a roll, two bottles of water.  She had placed an order for this earlier when we were at the airport.  In a few minutes she had coffee and I had a small glass of milk. The seat was so large that I had to have a pillow to sit on so I could eat.  I fell asleep after a while in the air; it had been a long morning for a little boy, getting up early and running around so excited that I was going to fly on PanAm Airways.  The motor humming made me fall in a deep sleep, it was so nice to sleep next to Grandmother I felt safe and did not have to worry about anything.  She was a strong woman and when she said something you did not question her. I knew from the time I could trust her and she would give you a look that would freeze a pond over in about two seconds.

I was up; I knew if I needed anything while flying to push the button.  Grandmother was asleep and I did not want to wake her up and knew she needed to rest.  I had to go to the bathroom and the lady in blue was there in about two seconds. “May I get you something,” she asked and I said I needed to go to the bathroom.  She placed my hand in hers and leads me down the aisle to the bathroom; she asked if I needed any help but I was a big boy so I said no. As I walked in I did not know where the pot was. It was covered with a seat that I could not pull up.  I opened the door and said to her, “Where is it,” and a small smile came over her face and she said, “I am sorry, here we go.”  Thank you, I really needed to go so she closed the door and in five seconds she asked if I was ok.  Back in my seat I wanted to go back to sleep, but Grandmother was awake now and she asked if I was ok. I told her I had to go to the bathroom and call the stewardess to take me. Go back to sleep if you can. We will have dinner in a little while and you will love it. Silver and white table cloth service.

Until next time,

Sand Boy