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Latest Marriages

March Marriage Licenses

March 1 Nathan Brady to Felicia Colburn Wilder Gonzalez to Gladiz Cubillas March 12 Wesley Vinson to Chaunda Harris Belen Paniagua Sanchez to Ivan Gonezalez ... Read more

2 months ago by Staff Reports.

February Marriage Licenses

Feb. 1 Tommy Borden to Cheyenne Rorie  Feb. 2 Spencer Holland to Alivia Clemmons  Feb. 5 Clarysa Medina to Paulo Alvarado Frankie Holliday to Hollie ... Read more

2 months ago by Staff Reports.

January Marriage Licenses

Jan. 5 Ricky Hines to Glenda Moss Jan. 6 Miguel Gonan to Ana Lopez Joseph Hardy to Olivia Knight Jan. 11 Billy Wyrick to Kristian ... Read more

3 months ago by Staff Reports.

December Marriage Licenses

Dec. 4 Lincoln Balentine to Emmy Berry Peyton Vaughn to James Randolph Dec. 7 Gaspar Pablo to Marily Ralios Dec. 11 Candance Yurechko to Gregory ... Read more

4 months ago by Ciera Hughes.

November Marriage Licenses

Nov. 2 Lance Seay to Helen Cox Nov. 4 Dylan West to Carly Rice Bobby Martin to Kesli James Tina Duboise to Brian Fuller Nov. ... Read more

5 months ago by Staff Reports.

October Marriage Licenses

Oct. 1 Stacy Smigelski to Christopher Trassare Oct. 2 Timothy McDaniel to Donna Garner Robbie ONeal to Pamela Roden Oct. 7 Jasmine Martin to Jeremy ... Read more

6 months ago by Staff Reports.

September Marriage Licenses

Sept. 4 Edward Purser to Casey Haynes Lonnie Spann to Kasey Pugh Sept. 8 Kayla Harvey to Jyran Darby Sept. 9 Donald Edwards to Courtney ... Read more

7 months ago by Staff Reports.

August Marriage Licenses

Aug. 3 Micah Fleming to Emili Crummie Aug. 4 Nathan McLemore to Kyla Franks Aug. 5 Michael Blevins to Tammy Shaw Elizabeth Fabian to Melquedes ... Read more

8 months ago by Staff Reports.

July Marriage Licenses

July 1 James Harville to Remanda Brown July 2 Daniel Macias to Angelina Matias July 7 Bruce Ambrosio to Barbara Sillett July 13 William Pollock ... Read more

9 months ago by Staff Reports.

June Marriage Licenses

June 2 Joshua Russell to Sarah Gasque Raleigh Barnes to Alexis Scott Kenny White to Haley Overton June 3 Rosa Alabarran to Michael Chappell June ... Read more

10 months ago by Staff Reports.

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