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Land Transactions

Latest Land Transactions

April 2022 Land Transactions

April 1 Jack L. Caddell to Jack L. Caddell, survivorship Raymond Madden to Raymond Hayse, warranty Jimmy Byars to JSB Farms LLC, corrective Joyce E. ... Read more

2 months ago by Staff Reports.

March 2022 Land Transactions

March 1 Wilmington Savings Fund to Traci Hall, warranty Michael H. Hasheider to Christy Hasheider, survivorship Stevie Sims to TCS Leasing Inc., warranty March 2 ... Read more

3 months ago by Staff Reports.

February 2022 Land Transactions

Feb. 1 Nelda Moore to Matthew Moore, warranty Freddy Hugh Fuller to Donald Wayne Jackson, quit claim Alan Stein to Tammy Camp, warranty New Cingular ... Read more

4 months ago by Staff Reports.

January 2022 Land Transactions

Jan. 3 Robert A. Maggerise to Jacob Kristoffer Jones, warranty Russellville Land and Timber to Tiger Real Estate LLC, warranty Jan. 4 Kenneth Hallmark to ... Read more

5 months ago by Staff Reports.

December 2021 Land Transactions

Dec. 1 Dellion Junior Weeks to Dellion Joshua Weeks, warranty Sue Gilliland to Adam Charlie Carter, survivorship Douglas J. House to Alabama Power Company, easement ... Read more

6 months ago by Staff Reports.

November 2021 Land Transactions

Nov. 1 Weathervane Recovery to David Daily, warranty Sharon Daily to Weathervane Recovery, lease David Daily to Weathervane Recovery, lease Midland Funding LLC to Martha ... Read more

7 months ago by Staff Reports.

October 2021 Land Transactions

Oct. 1 Timothy Ken Boys to Thomas Kirk Boyles, executor’s Samuel J. Presley to Samantha Presley, power of attorney Adam Brooks to Samuel J. Presley, ... Read more

8 months ago by Staff Reports.

September 2021 Land Transactions

Sept. 1 Jennifer D. Fox to Wilmington Savings Fund, foreclosure Janet Sue Feltner James to Marion Ray James, power of attorney Bishop of Birmingham to ... Read more

9 months ago by Staff Reports.

August 2021 Land Transactions

Aug. 2 Jamie Elizabeth Overton to Johnny D. Taylor II, survivorship Randi Umfress to Timothy Umfress, quit claim Jerry McDuffa to Pascual Mateo-Pedro, warranty Aug. ... Read more

10 months ago by Staff Reports.

July 2021 Land Transactions

July 1 Martha Hovater to Gary Lee Hovater, warranty Douglas Olander Stokes to Beverly Curtis Stokes, quit claim Bobby W. McMahan to Kim Bailey, warranty ... Read more

11 months ago by Staff Reports.

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