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Hit me up with your reading suggestions

Reading more. That’s a good goal for this year, don’t you think? Reading has long been a personal passion. Since early elementary school I have ... Read more

5 days ago by Alison James.

Have you ever donated blood?

“Would you like to donate blood today?” “Sorry, I can’t” – is my recurring refrain as I hurry on by. Guilt washes over me as ... Read more

4 weeks ago by Alison James.

Now presenting: our annual bridal edition

Today Franklin Living is releasing, featuring our special bridal section – along with a whole slate of other great content. If you’re a newspaper subscriber, ... Read more

1 month ago by Alison James.

These are a few of my favorite things

Sometimes, around this time of year, we all get a little-more-than-usually materialistic. I think even those of us who try to focus on how it’s ... Read more

2 months ago by Alison James.

Hail to thee, our alma mater

Friday was the first time I’ve been to a football game at my high school since I graduated in 2008. Sometimes it seems like graduation ... Read more

4 months ago by Alison James.

Rediscover summer through eyes of child

When was the last time you had a water gun fight in the front yard? When was the last time you chased lighting bugs through ... Read more

7 months ago by Alison James.

Don’t forget Vacation Bible School

It’s a great blessing to live in an area of the country where many of your friends and neighbors are people of faith. With that ... Read more

8 months ago by Alison James.

Spring cleaning demands day in sun

The temperatures have warmed, the flowers are blooming, the pollen is beginning to settle thickly on every surface in sight, and that can mean only ... Read more

10 months ago by Alison James.

Find opportunities for culture in community

For spring break this year, a friend and I chose to embrace a little arts and culture. We saw a play performed by a community ... Read more

10 months ago by Alison James.

Progress 2022 spotlights county’s best

What does it mean to be distinguished? This was the question I posed in my editor’s letter in this year’s edition of Progress – and ... Read more

11 months ago by Alison James.

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