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April Land Transactions

April 1 

Carolyn Pharr Williams to Joann Pharr Morrow, power of attorney 

German Catalan to Josue Aaron Catal Segura, warranty 

Joseph T. Bailey to Cheryl Ann Bailey Hall, personal representative 

Barbara F. Lunati to Evan Carter Properties LLC, warranty 

William J. Atkins to Kris Eudon Burden, resolution 

Atkins Land Development to Kris Eudon Burden, survivorship 

Robert L. Campbell to Cheryll Woodruff-Biggs, survivorship 

Steve Brantley to Jaclyn Avery Senkbeil, warranty 

Ajax 2021-F REO Corp., to Twyla Hood Landers, warranty 

U.S. Bank National Association to Gregory Funding LLC, power of attorney 

James M. Hellums to Brent Hellums, warranty 

 April 2 

Eloise Humphres to Patricia Green, warranty 

Ronald Burgett to Happy Jack’s Tire and Lube, warranty 

April 3 

Sunshine Mills Inc., to Gary Lindsey, warranty 

Mary Ruth Milam to Ellis J. Wooten, survivorship 

David Allan Lawhead to David Allan Lawhead, warranty 

April 4 

Hazel D. Hill to Richard Donald Dotson, warranty 

David E. Scott to Gloria Herring LeMay, affidavit 

David E. Scott to John Alton Porter, warranty 

Jennifer Bishop to John Alton Porter, warranty 

Scott Land Holdings LLC to John Alton Porter, warranty 

The Estate of Jimmy Carl to Blue Book Real Estate Group, warranty 

Jimmy Thompson to David Ward, warranty 

April 5 

Betty Sparks to Gregory N. McCain, survivorship 

Jasmine Lawson Moore to Jervyn Galicia, survivorship 

Lynda H. Ledbetter to Mike Stockton, corrective 

Mary Ethel Dyer to Derek Stacy, corrective 

Derek Stacy to Ellis Junior Wooten, survivorship 

Jorge Luis Bernabe to Javier Espinoza Urdiera, warranty 

DSV SPV3 LLC to DSV SPV3 LLC, power of attorney 

DSV SPV3 LLC to Deigo Garcia Exiga, warranty 

Leo Harvey to Sergio Ruiz, survivorship 

Nickolas Hicks to Chris Wallace, warranty 

Donnie Franks to Jamie Franks, warranty 

April 8 

The Industrial Development to Jeff McCormick, warranty 

Antonio Tomas Jose to Carolina Elizabeth Tomas, warranty 

April 9 

Troy Batey to Tommy Trapp, warranty 

Nery Benedictor Gonzalez, survivorship 

Bradley Wayne Evans to Jerry Wayne Evans, warranty 

Thomas G. Armstrong to Kimberly C. Norton, warranty 

James Gregory Greenhill to Brandon C. Wilson, warranty 

Jane A. Francisco to Jane A. Francisco, personal representative 

Jon McWilliams to Tiffany McWilliams Hardman, sale contract 

Morgan Prestage to Helen Rochelle Dill, agreement 

James F. Labelle to Leah Baker Grissom, quit claim 

April 10 

James D. Hill to James D. Hill, quit claim 

Brenda Joyce Brittingham to Cesar Sop, warranty 

Debra Kay Pinkard to Kenny Rogers, survivorship 

Jane G. Stonebraker to Southeast Woods and White 

April 11 

Caleb Thompson to Alabama Power Company, easement 

Dustin Nix to Alabama Power Company, easement 

Wayne West to Alabama Power Company, easement 

Jason Tiffin to Alabama Power Company, easement 

Cassidy Lee Butler to Alabama Power Company, easement 

Loyal Wyley Dean to Alabama Power Company, easement 

Andrew Lewis to Alabama Power Company, easement 

Robert Pannell to Alabama Power Company, easement 

Brad Lindsey to Alabama Power Company, easement 

James A. Simpkins to Alabama Power Company, easement 

Roy Howard Means Jr. to Joseph McKinney, warranty 

Franklin E. Bishop to Autumn Blaze Bishop, warranty 

Cassidy King to Aldo Echeverria, warranty 

Aldo Echeverria to Aziz Oil Inc., warranty 

Jerry Oneal Gober to Justin Gober, executor’s 

April 12 

Jimmy Hollingsworth to Fairview Cemetery, cemetery 

Karen Regina Rogers to John Thorn, survivorship 

Ann Pace Smith to Ann Pace Smith, survivorship 

Scotty Joe Lowery to Richard Wallace, survivorship 

Jeffrey W. Eaton to Donna L. Eaton, quit claim 

Houston Bohannon to Houston Bohannon, survivorship 

April 15 

James Clay Weeks Jr. to Alton Hester, survivorship 

Wade Humphres to Happy Host LLC, warranty 

Happy Host LLC to Community Spirit Bank, assignment 

Olga Marina Carillo to Pedro Sarabia, power of attorney 

Robin Leigh Buzbee-Brown to Pedro Sarabia, warranty 

Proudfoot LLC to Clint Robinson, warranty 

CB&S Bank to Roger Fuller, survivorship 

Harvey Mason to Jacklyn M. DuPont, warranty 

April 16 

Jerry Wayne Evans to Shalena Collette Douthit, warranty 

Jerry Wayne Evans to Shalena Collette Douthit, warranty 

Jerry Wayne Evans to Bradley Wayne Evans, warranty 

Jerry Wayne Evans to Bradley Wayne Evans, warranty 

Kenneth Martin to Johnny Barker, warranty 

Dawn O. Weaver to Christine W. Oden, affidavit 

Keith Oden to Matthew Tessier, survivorship 

David Michael Cockrum to David Michael Cockrum, personal representative 

John Milton Campbell to Mason Jesse Campbell, warranty 

Judith Carol Pruitt to Judith Carol Pruitt, warranty 

Judith Carol Pruitt to Judith Carol Pruitt, warranty 

Dale V. Rein to Dale V. Rein, survivorship 

April 17 

CB&S Bank to Nick Hicks, warranty 

Jeffery Poore to Sonya Campbell, survivorship 

Rodney Seay to Sonya Campbell, survivorship 

Courtney Keith Ervin to Sonya Campbell, survivorship 

Marty Corbell to Jamie T. Reeves, sale contract 

Angela Traylor to Aleta Haynes, survivorship 

John Dustin Ritter to Joel Davis, survivorship 

Joel M. Davis to Kricket Ranch LLC, warranty 

Ashley William Alexander to Adam Bendall, warranty 

Judith K. Jackson to Jule Lynn Jackson, power of attorney 

Danny Stanford to Steven Baldwin, warranty 

April 18 

Donna Bentley to Donna Bentley, survivorship 

Tifford Borden to Mavis N. Ball, survivorship 

April 19 

Joel Rooker to Ryan Gray, warranty 

Alan Nichols to Beth Allison Nichols, warranty 

Anna Carpenter to Susan Mitchell, survivorship 

Anna Carpenter to Susan Mitchell, survivorship 

Anna Carpenter to Susan Mitchell, survivorship 

Anna Carpenter to Susan Mitchell, survivorship 

Chelsea Gentry to Cristal Garcia, warranty 

Andres Miguel to Anaceli Delgado Garcia, sale contract 

April 23 

Laura Lynn Butler to Brandon Seth Seay, warranty 

Brandon Seth Seay to Valley State Bank, assignment misc 

John Curtis Jones to Tina Lynne Springer, warranty 

Chase Lindsey to Three B Properties LLC, warranty 

Benjamin Pendergast to Haley K. White, warranty 

Gary Dobbs Jr. to Michael Harris, survivorship 

Deborah Sue Newman to Ashton Cheyenne Newman, warranty 

Deborah Newman to James Allen Newman, affidavit 

Scotty Allen Newman to Ashton Cheyenne Newman, quit claim 

Joan Ette McCollum to Van J. Baker, corrective 

Milton Ergle to Joan Ette McCollum, affidavit 

Carolyn Vandiver to Joan Ette McCollum, affidavit 

Van J. Baker to Van J. Baker, corrective 

Jacob Davis to Van J. Baker, corrective 

Steve Tubbs to Marty Vandiver, corrective 

Solomon Newman to Newmans Properties LLC, affidavit 

William S. Moore to Newman Properties LLC, easement 

Ransel Sparks to Newmans Properties LLC, warranty 

Linda Graham Winston to Harlan L. Winston II, power of attorney 

April 24 

HB2 Alternative Holdings to PHH Mortgage Corporation, power of attorney 

HB2 Alternative Holdings to Renea Pendegraph, warranty 

Clifton Leon Parrish to Margaret Marzell Marecle, survivorship 

Antonio Rosas Gonzalez to Rebecca Lynn Beers, warranty 

Kevin Richardson to Franklin County Commission, resolution 

Eric Fuller to Franklin County Commission, resolution 

April 25 

Edward B. Layne to Lyle Andrew Lochridge, survivorship 

Gary Liles to Patsy Lynn Liles, power of attorney 

Linda Moore McCollister to Ladonna L. Parker, survivorship 

Joshua C. Devaney to Adrina Gonzalez, warranty 

John Thomas Thorn to Virginia Stidham, quit claim 

Zachary H. Cummings to Jorge Luis Die Marroquin, corrective 

April 26 

Vollie Pierce to Allison Leigh Kingsley, warranty 

Joan Pace to Isaac Menutt, survivorship 

Jeffery Chase Fretwell to Samuel Guillermo L. Perez, survivorship 

Michelle Leigh Raper to Dennis Gaylon Raper Jr., quit claim 

Helen Rochelle Dill to Anhanetie Gasaway, power of attorney 

Stephanie Potter Ferree to Joshua Quillen, survivorship 

Jodie McDaniel to Jodie McDaniel, affidavit 

Jodie McDaniel to William Osterhout, warranty 

Larry W. Cagle to Pat Pace, quit claim 

Pat Pace to Wilmer A. Garcia, warranty 

Edith Ann Hovater Jones to Jonathan Jimenez, executor’s 

April 29 

Alan Hardin to Bob Hardin, affidavit 

Allen Howard to Susan Hardin Howard, affidavit 

Susan Hardin Howard to Kenneth Ray Simmons, warranty 

Troy Ewing to Ewing Enterprises Corporation, warranty 

Susan E. Cole to Larry Eugene Keeton, affidavit 

Christy Franks to Larry Eugene Keeton, affidavit 

Circuit Judge Joe Newton to Larry Eugene Keeton, clerk’s 

Lisa R. Keeton to Trenton Strickland, corrective 

Kenny Pike to Dana L. Bailey, survivorship 

Christopher Gene Peeden to Joshua Atkinson, corrective 

Connie R. Abston to Monica Abston Nix, survivorship 

Bernard Phinizee to Luis Alberto Macias, warranty 

April 30 

Austin Pilgrim to Frank Lance Tripp, corrective 

Robert N. Rezac to Jammie Marie Corson, survivorship 

Jason Dees to CB&S Bank, foreclosure 

Joshua Devaney to Kenneth Pounders, warranty 


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