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August Land Transactions

Aug. 1 

Christine W. Oden to Keith Oden, warranty 

Melinda Johnson to Dustin Murray, warranty 

Jessie Holland to Rodney Thomas Scott, power of attorney 

Anthony McKee to Richard E. Johnston, warranty 

Jessie Holland to Rodney Thomas Scott, warranty 

Angelica Garcia to First Metro Bank, warranty 

Michael D. Vaughn to Domingo Matias Jose, warranty 

Michael D. Vaughn to Domingo Matias Jose, warranty 

Mike Vaughn to Domingo Matias Jose, quit claim 

Mack Colton Baker to Mack Colton Baker, survivorship 

Zachary Scott Nethery to Jodi Page Nethery, quit claim 

Connie Beth Nix Harris to Byron Dale Nix, revocation of power of attorney 

Aug. 2 

Danny F. Nix to Ajax Mortgage Loan Trust, foreclosure 

Timothy James Rigby to Donna Lynn Rigby, quit claim 

Greg Trapp to Jeffery Simon Townsend, affidavit 

James E. Taff to Jeffrey Simon Townsend, affidavit 

Mary Sue McCaig to John William Hayes, warranty 

Aug. 3 

Steven Craig Bullion to Elicia Bailon Aparicio, survivorship 

Charles Cutshall to Elizabeth Mize Herring, warranty 

Kyle Dostica to Jorge Gonzalez, survivorship 

Aug. 4 

Elizabeth Jane Nix to Beverly Oliver, warranty 

Ronnie Hargett to Michael Drake Hester, survivorship 

Sharon Ann Martin to Leslie Dean Martin, warranty 

Karen Anderson to Zach Michael Anderson, survivorship 

Danyel Guth to Danny Avery, warranty 

Amy Harper to Danny Avery, warranty 

Aug. 7 

Ava Smith to Debra Flake, power of attorney 

Kali Smith to Debra Flake, power of attorney 

Jeremiah Malone to Shirley Schneider, survivorship 

Jeremiah Andrew Malone to Donald Fugate, power of attorney 

Danny Hardy to Chad R. Thompson, warranty 

David Paul Mattox to Javier Osvaldo L. Vasquez, survivorship 

Russellville Land and Timber to Arboles de Russellville, warranty 

Aug. 8 

Lynda Beller to Thomas Beller, affidavit 

Lynda Tucker to Donald Walker, survivorship 

Christopher W. Smith to Fidelity National Title, affidavit 

Robert Louis Gober to Tommy Johnson, survivorship 

Aug. 9 

Cindy Q. Sheppard to Hoyt Lynn Lane, survivorship 

Melissa Creel to Edward Baker Layne III, quit claim 

Michael Chamblee to Salai RR LLC, warranty 

Glen D. Mardis to Tony Stanford, survivorship 

Lauren Lowe to Annie Smith Lowe, warranty 

Annie Smith Lowe to Lauren Lowe, warranty 

Aug. 10 

Eddie Beason to Clifton Jonathan Scott, affidavit 

Debra Scott to Jonathan Scott, affidavit 

Jonathan Scott to Jamie Scott, affidavit 

Clifton Jonathan Scott to Logan Scott, survivorship 

Bear Creek Timber Inc. to Bryan W. Cole, warranty 

David R. Grissom to Janet L. K. Kinzer, warranty 

Ramon Randolph to Blanca Estela Nun Bahena, survivorship 

Aug. 11 

Priscella Ann Graham to James Jamyl Byrd, warranty 

James Michael Labo to Daniel Jenkins, warranty 

Tyson Sumerel to David Lyndon Bevis, survivorship 

Kristi Demonia to Daniel Keith Ivy, warranty 

Donald McCalpin to Bertha Gober, affidavit 

Fred A. Pilgrim to Yolanda Sop, warranty 

Alan Ryan Blackburn to Jonathan Scott, survivorship 

Aug. 14 

Bonnie Sue Wynn to Gathel Wynn, warranty 

Vikki Smith Watts to Vikki Smith Watts, warranty 

John Patrick Dupree to Angela Michelle Perrigin, administrator’s 

Angela Michelle Perrigin to Angela Michelle Perrigin, warranty 

Angela Michelle Perrigin to Michael A. Wallce, warranty 

Aug. 15 

Steve Bell to Nicholas Jackson, survivorship 

Ajax Mortgage Loan Trust to Ajax 2021 F. Reo Corp, quit claim 

Evelyn M. Saint to Shawn Blain Saint, warranty 

Brandon Lee Motes to Amber LaBrooke Malone, warranty 

John Noto to Chris White, quit claim 

Roger Hollimon to Eric Rocha, warranty 

Aug. 16 

Tim Jackson to Laresia Jackson, warranty 

James Edward Michael to Carl Cummings, warranty 

Anthony McKee to Andrea T. Miguel, warranty 

Andus Miguel to Andres Miguel, warranty 

Aug. 17 

Charles A. Scott Real Estate to Russellville Water and Sewer, warranty 

Corey Scott to Jake Allen Scott Sr., quit claim 

Rodney G. Johnson to Gavin Johnson, warranty 

Martha Leindecker to Larsen Plyler, survivorship 

Carolyn Mitchell to Taylor Grace Tackett, warranty 

Alejandra del Car Miguel to Matias de Matias Tomas, warranty 

Crystal Dawn Trail to Don Oliver, executor’s 

Aug. 18 

Mildred Pruitt Trust to Judith Carol Pruitt, trust 

Judith Carol Pruitt to Ronald Wayne Pruitt, warranty 

Ronald Wayne Pruitt to Judith Carol Pruitt, warranty 

Brannon Hutcheson to Alabama Power Company, easement 

William C. Saint to Alabama Power Company, easement 

Casey D. Hill to Alabama Power Company, easement 

David Rayburn Yocom to Alabama Power Company, easement 

Steve Martin DeFoor to Terry David Prince, administrator’s 

Terry Prince to Ronald Kurt Steinmueller, administrator’s 

Beulah Mae Reynolds to Ducharme B. Reynolds, warranty 

Aug. 21 

Laresia Jackson to Micheal L. Bryan, warranty 

David Alan Rhudy to Sherye Price, warranty 

Robert E. Swinehart to Jesse Franks, survivorship 

Freddy N. Cleveland to Sergio Ruiz, survivorship 

Lynda H. Ledbetter to Mike Stockton, warranty 

Wesley Borden to Rita Trivette, warranty 

Peggy Ann Pinkard to James Mark McNatt, power of attorney 

Tanner Lee Maddox to Brett A. Hall, warranty 

Martin Bradford Kennedy to Matthew Cory Pruitt, quit claim 

Sherry Humphries to Gary Grant McKinney, survivorship 

Aug. 22 

Stephen Lee Rollins to David Rollins, easement 

Johnny Cleveland to Chase Cleveland, warranty 

Pilgrims Rental LLC to Jeffrey Chase Fretwell, warranty 

Aug. 23 

The Shirley C. Teas Revocation to Shirley C. Teas, certification of trust 

Michael Alfonso Torres to Fredy Rivera, warranty 

Michael Maycock to Donald Watley, warranty 

Donna Jo James Toepper to Thomas Uptain, warranty 

Christopher Cole Motes to Greg Parrish, warranty 

Jimmy Montgomery to James E. Montgomery, survivorship 

Earl Hughes to Suzanne Tyson, tax 

Aug. 24 

Liberty Chapel Freewill Baptist, survey 

Aug. 25 

PIO Juarez Figueroa to Andres Miguel, sale contract 

David Keith Baker to Joseph David Baker, warranty 

Aug. 28

Catherine Ann Pierce to Dana Jo Petree McIntyre, warranty

Steve L. Hand to Robert Douglas Jones, survivorship

Aug. 29

Dustin Hollander to Lindley Hollander, warranty

Tricia Michelle Wood to Hugh Dale Raper, survivorship

Aug. 30

William Coleman Wimbs to Charlene Woodruff, power of attorney

Maye Winette Kinard to Shana Leigh Johnson, warranty

Kenneth W. Lindsey Jr. to Jennifer Rae Trippet, warranty

Kyle Hulsey to Lisa Cochran, tax

Kyle Hulsey to Lisa Cochran, tax

Elois Beam Lindsey to Ricky G. McGee, warranty

Jeremy Reed, survey

R. Arthur Hardin to Benny Earl Bridges, warranty

Aug. 31

John Ryan Knighten to Steven Edward Hadding, warranty

Victor B. Johnson to Rebecca Alyce Chicoine, warranty

Alan Lloyd Bryant to Anita Parrish, quit claim

Pleasant Acres Investment to William R. Johnson, warranty

M&S Motors LLC, survey

Barbara Brulport to Wanda Perkins, warranty

Norma Ann Watkins to Mark Ferguson, warranty

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