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May Land Transactions

May 1

• Anna Marie DeHut to Felipe Rafael de Vega, warranty

• Margarett Lee Emmons to Jimmy Wade Fuller, warranty

• Bettye R. McNutt to Troy Shane McNutt, warranty

• Hugh A. House to Douglas J. House, warranty

May 2

• Maria Mojica Alvarado to Maria Monica Alvarado, quit claim

• Ricky Allison to Ralton Baker, warranty

• Vickey Horton to Mildred E. Daily, warranty

May 3

• Brenda Frame to Agnes White, quit claim

• Clarence Brindley to Randall G. Springer, survivorship

• John A. McReynolds to Julie Yarbrough, affidavit

• Kenneatta Harrison to Stephen D. Hall, warranty

May 4

• Edward M. Poniatowski to Poniatowski Revocable, certification of trust

• Jewel Ann Sherwood to Poniatowski Revocable, warranty

• Sprout Properties LLC to Joshua Rogers, warranty

• Quinton Douglas Grissom to Teresa de Jesus Ramos, warranty

• John Russell to Mid-Continent Funding, power of attorney

• Wesley Kyle Donaldson to John Russell, survivorship

• Revenue Commission Garrard to Joe Mansell, tax

May 5

• Burrell Franklin Vandiver to Israel Martinez, warranty

• Aubrey N. Waller Jr. to Eric Hallman, warranty

• Alice Morgan Baker to Alice Morgan Baker, survivorship

• Alice June White to Daniel Lee Cochran, power of attorney

• Beverly Gober Thorne to Amber Thorne Rieder, warranty

• Sharon Hindman Hester to Diana Brewer, quit claim

• Steve Pickens to Jerry Lindsey, warranty

• Melanie Ward to Jake Ward, survivorship

• Sergio Martinez to Sergio Martinez, warranty

• Marie Marbutt to Jacqueline Litchford, power of attorney

• Marie Marbutt to Gerald Glenn Litchford, survivorship

• Marie Marbutt to Charles Denford Marbutt, affidavit

May 8 

Bobby Dean Jackson to Luke Alvin Jackson, certification of trust 

Bobby Dean Jackson to Bobby Dean and Sandra Kue, warranty 

Billy A. Taylor to Ricky Dale Barker, sale contract 

Chris Wright to Ellis Wooten, survivorship 

Donna Jo Kent to Miguel Tomas, survivorship 

Karen Lynn Roberts to Rhonda Fitzgerald, warranty 

Ray Grissom to Jimmy Carl Balentine, affidavit 

Billy J. Johnson Jr. to Jimmy Carl Balentine, affidavit 

Billy J. Johnson Jr. to Jimmy Carl Balentine, affidavit 

Ray Grissom to Jimmy Carl Balentine, affidavit 

Danny Lee Balentine to Nicolas Maldona Gonzalez, survivorship 

Nicolas Maldona Gonzalez to Valley State Bank, assignment 

Tommy Ray Hamm to Amy Marie Castillo, power of attorney 

Jeanette Harper to William R. Cole Jr., affidavit 

Dr. Jeri Williams to William R. Cole Jr., affidavit 

Kandis S. Steele to Thomas Gravitt, warranty 

Miguel Angel Bahena to Leslie J. Cook, warranty 

May 9 

Cora Baker to Jason Dale Baker, warranty 

Wilmer Alain Garcia to Francisco Carrillo, warranty 

Juan F. Domingo to Francisco Carillo, foreclosure 

Ernest Mollohan to Larry Morris, quit claim 

Ernest Mollohan to Larry Morris, quit claim 

Ernest Mollohan to Larry Morris, quit claim 

May 10 

Gary Yeilding to Joshua Miller Crawford, warranty 

Jorge Hector Marquez to Eduaro Zavala-Martinez, warranty 

Renee Moody to Perry Royce Crowell Jr., warranty 

Mary Poteete to Perry Royce Crowell Jr., warranty 

Sylvia Whitenton to Perry Royce Crowell Jr., warranty 

Patricia Sherman to Perry Royce Crowell Jr., warranty 

May 11 

Thelon Thomas Uptain to Michelle Young, warranty 

Amy J. Scott to Lugenda Land Company LLC, affidavit 

Kristy Malone to William P. Hawkins, affidavit 

James Frankie Taylor to James Frankie Taylor, affidavit 

Darryl Streetman to Dale Jeffreys, warranty 

Betty R. Freemon to Henry P. Bayless, survivorship 

James Frankie Taylor to Erik Hugh Fuller, warranty 

James David Allen to Matthew Cummings, warranty 

Justin Jason Warrior to Wesley L. Moon, survivorship 

Donald Gene Spencer to Jonathon Rogers, administrator’s 

Quinton Rodger Bell to Rodney Bell, warranty 

May 12 

Jerome Morgan to James Eric England, warranty 

Diego Miguel Andres to Maria Guadalupe Mauel, warranty 

Cynthia J. Wade to Jose Luis Cacatzun, administrator’s 

Michael Drew Jackson to Christina Miller, warranty 

Brittany Robinson to Marciano Juan Mateo, quit claim 

May 15 

Jerald Thomas Hitt to Belinda Joan Wheeler, easement 

Belinda Joan Wheeler to Jerald Thomas Hitt, easement 

Anna Christine McCarley to Pablo Machic, warranty 

Charter Communications LLC to Spectrum Southeast LLC, warranty 

Christopher Wayne Hatton to Bobbie Ann Hatton, warranty 

Sharon Hindman Hester to Jerry Lindsey, affidavit 

Tommy E. Baker to Keyla Mynon McKinney, warranty 

Derek Dwayne Cleveland to Amanda Liles Cleveland, quit claim 

May 16 

Joel Rooker to Ryan Gray, warranty 

May 17 

United Methodist Church to United Methodist Church, quit claim 

North Alabama Annual Conference to Russellville First Methodist, quit claim 

Jason Dale Baker to Kenneth Stephen McHenry, warranty 

John Ford III to Alice Ford, quit claim 

John Ford III to Alice Ford, quit claim 

Karen Moore Townsend to Alabama Power Company, easement 

Karen Moore Townsend to Alabama Power Company, easement 

Jeff Frederick to Alabama Power Company, easement 

Benjamin David Jones to Alabama Power Company, easement 

Daniel C. Allen to Nathan Poteet, warranty 

James Eric Herston II to Betty Allen, quit claim 

May 18 

Jerry Fancher to Andrew Young, warranty 

Tyrus White to Cheryl Bush, warranty 

May 19 

Jarod Massey to Ruby Strickland, affidavit 

Mark Massey to Ruby Strickland, affidavit 

Patsy J. Smith to Vikki Smith Watts, warranty 

Patsy J. Smith to Vikki Smith Watts, warranty 

Patsy J. Smith to Vikki Smith Watts, warranty 

Patsy J. Smith to Patsy Kylene Smith, warranty 

Lacy Paige McDaniel to Gregory Keith Parrish, survivorship 

Charter Communications LLC to Spectrum Southeast LLC, warranty 

Casey Smotherman to Daniel Sullivan, affidavit 

May 22 

Jolee A. McNees to James Wellington, warranty 

Nick Howard to S&N Investments LLC, warranty 

Circuit Clerk Anita Scott to Alejandra del Cacatzun, survivorship 

Hollys Home LLC to Valeriano Sigui Cacatzun, survivorship 

James Sandoval to Jeremy Allen Burns, foreclosure 

Murray Morrow to Terry Parsons, survivorship 

Shirley Grimes to Terry Parsons, survivorship 

May 23 

Jose Ambrosio to Ernesto M. Pedro, warranty 

Shirley Strong DeVore to Shirley Strong DeVore, survivorship 

U.S. Bank Trust National to SN Servicing Corporation, power of attorney 

U.S. Bank Trust National to William Lawson, warranty 

Jonathon Witt to Wesley Donaldson, warranty 

Mary E. Tyra to Michael Lovett, survivorship 

May 24 

Ray Petty to Second Creek LLC, warranty 

May 25 

Kathy L. Johnson to Kirsten Jade Vaughn, warranty 

Susan D. Bishop to Tiffany Cleveland, warranty 

Kelly Champion to Ryan Thomas Champion, warranty 

May 26 

Lyndon B. Price to Mary Ann Price Scofield, power of attorney 

Linda McGuire to Alicia P. Harris, quit claim 

Varahi 2023 LLC to Pinjal Patel, resolution 

Clarence Hicks Jr. to Varahi 2023 LLC, warranty 

Larry Morris to Rebecca M. Todd, warranty 

Larsen Plyer to James M. Horton, quit claim 

Carl Cummings to Jose Ignacio Cortez, sale contract 

May 30 

Peggy May to Charles Wayne Sherwood, warranty 

Linda Mae Brown to Benjamin Zenner Jr., survivorship 

Susanne Franklin to Carole M. Woodward, warranty 

Juan Garcia to Martha Kate Garcia, power of attorney 

Larsen Plyler to Juan Garcia, warranty 

Brandon Tyler Cole to Matthew Ryan Cole, survivorship 

May 31 

Nancy Sinclair to Nancy Sinclair, executor’s 

Joan Marie Tyree to Ramon Randolph, warranty 

Pat Pace to Pat Pace, warranty 

Jo Clayton Bostick to Rita Jane Dowdle, quit claim 

Kathy J. Hudson to Jason A. Dees, warranty 

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