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One of my favorite songs from my childhood is “Sweet Summer” by Diamond Rio. I listened almost exclusively to country music throughout my childhood and early teens, and this song always tends to pop in my head this time of year.  

“Sweet summer, yeah I remember that
Sweet summer, let me take you back 

There’s not a day that I don’t remember
From the end of May to the first of September.” 

If you don’t know this one, may I humbly suggest you look it up? There’s just something about lyrics and melody that paint an undeniable picture of summer in the South.  

Sweet summer might not be here yet, but it is certainly upon us. We’re all planning our weekend cookouts, our long Saturdays by the pool, our weeklong getaways to the beach or the mountains or centers of shopping and other amusement.  

You need some reading material to take with you along the way – and in this edition of Franklin Living, we have some delightful features for you to enjoy as the sun shines warmly and the days continue to lengthen.  

This edition of Franklin Living, released May 3, features two local farms – both with something sweet to offer for your sweet summertime.  

T and A Bee Farm has a honey of an operation with their busy – or, if you’ll forgive the pun, buzzy – bee business. What’s sweeter than honey? You can also learn about the sweetness of strawberry season with the u-pick experience at Oliver Farms. 

The issue of Franklin Living also takes the opportunity to shine a spotlight on the importance of blood donation. It’s a message that bears repeating, and it’s a mission LifeSouth is carrying out day after day. Summer is often the slow season for blood donation – so if you can get yourself in the giving mood, your blood donation is needed an appreciated.  

If you need an additional read beyond your favorite magazine, Lori Skinner has an excellent list of reading suggestions in this issue. Whether you’re headed to the lake or the beach or just the front porch, take one of her recommended titles along with you to keep your imagination engaged this summer.  

Ready to get in the kitchen and cook up a great summertime dinner? Taste of Franklin writer Amy McCollum has some great recipes for you, different ways to plate up something beefy and delicious. 

We also have great advice as always from Emily Mays and Philip Goad, plus photos from community Easter events for our Faces of Franklin County feature and a peek at upcoming events on the What’s Happening page. 

May you enjoy sweet summer in Franklin County!