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Letter to the Editor: Vote ‘yes’ on Amendment 2

Dear editor,

Franklin County voters must vote “Yes” on Amendment 2 Nov. 8. 

If for no other candidate or amendment, get out and vote so Franklin County can build broadband infrastructure throughout our entire county, specifically the rural portions of our great county.

Voting for Amendment 2 allows Franklin County to use federal funding from the Infrastructure and COVID Relief Acts for public and private entities, like Freedom Fiber, to build broadband infrastructure in our great county.

The Franklin County Commission has committed $5 million of its COVID Relief funds for building broadband in Franklin County – but it can’t spend the money until you and your fellow citizens vote yes on Amendment 2.

Additionally, all of Alabama could receive between $1.7-1.9 billion in broadband funds from the federal Infrastructure Act. Franklin County could benefit from that too! But you must vote “yes” on Amendment 2.

As Franklin County residents have known for years, the nationwide internet carriers ignore rural residents. Local internet providers, like Freedom Fiber, have been building affordable, reliable last-mile fiber optic broadband in the southern and eastern portions of Franklin County. They could continue to build throughout our county if you vote “yes” on Amendment 2. 

Remember when our students, elders and you couldn’t do homework, receive healthcare or work from home during the pandemic? Vote “yes” on Amendment 2 so we can avoid that in the future.

Speaking of the future, vote “yes” on Amendment 2 so Franklin County can attract recreational and other safe, healthy economic growth and development for our county, and our younger generations can move back to Franklin County with affordable, reliable last-mile fiber optic broadband.

Here is an action each of us can take to bring affordable, reliable last-mile fiber optic broadband to Franklin County. Don’t skip or miss your opportunity to do so! 

Get out and vote Nov. 8, and vote “yes” on Amendment 2.


Randy Schultz, Chairman

Scott A. Mugno, Vice Chairman

Board of Directors, Franklin County Water Service Authority