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Watermelon Festival announces contest winners

After a full weekend of festivities, another Franklin County Watermelon Festival is in the books. From vendors and craftsman, to the car show and contests, to live music and more, the festival boasted something for everyone.

The Franklin County Chamber of Commerce and Franklin County Extension have announced the winners of their respective watermelon contests:

Largest Weighing Watermelon – Franklin County

First place: Reed Jackson, 225 pounds – Spruce Pine

• Second place: Chasity Jackson, 150 pounds – Spruce Pine

• Third place: Steven Jackson, 149 pounds – Spruce Pine

Largest Weighing Watermelon – Outside of Franklin County

• First place: Charles Daniel Bentley, 210 pounds – Grant

• Second place: Jake Holloway, 182 pounds – Bowdon, Ga.

• Third place: Greg Dalrymple, 39 pounds – New Bethel

Best-tasting Watermelon

• First place: Johnny Blue

• Second place: Greg Dalrymple

• Third place: Jake Holloway

Most Unusual Watermelon

• First place: Steven Jackson

• Second place: Greg Dalrymple

• Third place: Jake Holloway

Best-dressed Watermelon

• First place: Damaris Bonilla

• Second place: Aymar Bonilla

• Third place: Johnny Blue

Seed-spitting Contest – Adults

• First place: Joel Davis – 36.9 feet

• Second place: Kevin Strickland – 34 feet

• Third place: Miguel Bonilla – 31 feet

Seed-spitting Contest – Children

• First place: Aymar Bonilla – 22.2 feet

• Second place: Link Davis – 21.4 feet

• Third place: Weston Fugate – 14.2 feet

Cutest Baby/Child Photography

  • First place: Chloe Crow
  • Second place: Jo Ann James
  • Third place: Lori Manley
  • Honorable Mention: Taylor Ann Elkins
  • Honorable Mention: Jamie Bowling

Iced Tea

  • First place: Miguel Bonilla
  • Second place: Lorena Bonilla


  • First place: Aymar Bonilla


  • First place: Lorena Bonilla
  • Second place: Miguel Bonilla