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Letter to the Editor: ‘There is nothing positive about landfill’s expansion’

Dear Franklin County Commissioners:

I want to start by letting you know how thankful I am for your service to Franklin County and how thankful my wife and I are to raise young children in such a special county!

My wife grew up in Franklin County, and I’m so thankful for that because through God’s grace we have started our family here and look forward to raising our children in a healthy and beautiful county. Having lived in other areas, I appreciate the uniqueness Franklin County offers with multiple recreational lakes, natural beauty, growing school system and future economic growth opportunities that other counties would dream of.

I have called each commissioner and expressed my concern with the expansion of Hargett’s Landfill near Belgreen and pray each of you will vote no, Genesis 2:15.

While calling the commissioners, I also reviewed the packet submitted to the commission – and what is being proposed will not solve the problem but create more problems, as landfills fail, and nobody or no business wants landfill property.

While I have heard commissioners mention a “financial gain,” there is no longterm business model that recommends starting with a landfill to generate revenue and attract businesses.

For example, the current model is taking in waste from all other Alabama counties and other states. So why make that problem even larger with additional waste volume and additional types of toxic waste from additional states?

I understand we need to address the waste and am confident that can be done, but I’m having a hard time understanding why the focus is on expanding Hargett’s Landfill versus finding options for a smaller “Franklin County only” landfill and giving the county residents more time to give feedback?

With the landfill expansion and longterm negative impacts to the environment, a larger problem will be created, but this can be avoided, and it starts with the commissioners’ vote to say “No.”

There is nothing positive about the landfill’s expansion and specifically the longterm pollution to the land, as it would cause irreversible damage to county aquifer, water table, streams, creeks, beautiful lakes and wildlife that we currently see on a daily drive through the county!

In addition to the pollution, there’s also the health hazards to residents, infrastructure damage due to increased heavy loads, zero future growth opportunities and devalued property, to list a few other concerns.

I’m confident the Franklin County Commission can find another solution and look forward to attending the public hearing with many other concerned citizens.


Craig Davis