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July 2022 Land Transactions

July 1

Shannon M. Oliver to Randolph Butler IV, survivorship

Dale Borden to Camden Hills LLC, warranty

Antony W. Lovett to Marietta Wood Supply Inc., timber

Carl Cummings to Maria Isabel Vargas, warranty

Clarence M. Ergle to Rocky Colby Franks to survivorship

Tillman A. Cole to Francisco Felipe Mateo, survivorship

Danny Ray Cochran to Zachary Holmes, survivorship

Annie Smith Lowe to Lauren Lowe, warranty

July 5

Jack N. Fowler to Maria Romero, warranty

Dinah G. Lomeli to Mauela Lomeli, warranty

Charles Edward Sandusky to Jason Sandusky, warranty

Floyd R. Partain to Gaylon W. Pertain Jr., sale contract

July 7

Karen Bartron to Crystal Mai Riddle-Reese, warranty

Garry Lee Parker to Alan Michael Tidwell, warranty

Barbara A. Smith to Crystal Velasquez, warranty

Avon L. White to Teodomiro Tolentino, survivorship

Luther Stanphill to H.H. Wigginton, quit claim

Daren Woodruff to Jose Manuel Sanchez-Cotoc, warranty

Debra Jacobs Lovejoy to Billy Wayne Stanphill, quit claim

Darren Woodruff to Jose Manuel Sanchez-Cotoc, warranty

Charles E. Lesley to Kathy Holland, survivorship

Charles Edward Lesley to Sarah Leanne Sibley, warranty

Gregory Stidham to Hicks Rental LLC, warranty

July 8

Lonnie James Oldag to Daran Barker, warranty

Jorge E. Rezado to Pablo Machic, survivorship

Larissa Fowler Miller to Brandon Pendegraph, warranty

July 11

Raymond Hayse to Martin Gaspar, warranty

Page Housing LLC to Jackie McCalpin, warranty

Jose Francisco Rodriguez to Emma Yeny Marvel Solano, warranty

Pauline Gann to Pauline Gann, survivorship

Linda Lovett Raper to Allison N. Armstrong, warranty

Linda Lovett Raper to Jamie Andrew Raper, warranty

Linda Lovett Raper to Tabitha D. Nichols, warranty

Antha Netter McCollum to Robert C. Robinson, warranty

Tonya Potts Hicks to Nickolas Hicks, warranty

Antonio Tomas-Jose to Julio Cesar Manzo, survivorship

Michael Hugh Bishop to Evan Hargett, survivorship

Robert S. Wilson to Clicerio Anton Hernandez, warranty

Murl Junior Bryant to Julio Sebastian Andres, warranty

Makensy Lee Macias to Vianey Vela, warranty

Vivian Lee to Daryl B. Gober, warranty

July 12

Catalina Monica to Giovanni Romero Matinez, sale contract

Jose Manuel Gomez to Martin Miguel Pascual, power of attorney

Maria Isolina Manuel to Maria Isohna Miguel, affidavit

Anthony Paul Pace to Jose Manuel Gomez, warranty

Walter Eugene Cothrum to Jason Eugene Cothrum, personal representative

Alfredo Dieguez to Olga E. Aguirre, warranty

Fine Contours Corp to Jose Catala, warranty

July 13

Joseph P. Thorn Jr. to Larry Randall Elliott,  warranty

Luther Nichols to Andrew J. Odom, affidavit

Lennis Reams to Greg Parrish, warranty

Henry C. Hargett to Ronnie Hargett, warranty

Randy Quinn to Linda M. Nunley, warranty

Johnny C. Pennington to Lorie Pennington, warranty

Johnny C. Pennington to Lorie Pennington, warranty

Terry Sparks to Alabama Power Company, easement

Thomas Ray Inman to Alabama Power Company, easement

Anthony Spencer to Alabama Power Company, easement

Robert E. Vandiver to Alabama Power Company, easement

Louis F. Zindel IV to Alabama Power Company, easement

Sammy Garrison Jr. to Alabama Power Company, easement

R.C. Blackburn to Alan Ryan Blackburn, warranty

Glyne Gober to Robin Pharr, warranty

July 14

Deborah Hamilton to Alesia Nichols, survivorship

Virgil O. Scott to Alesia Nichols, survivorship

Makensy Lee Macias to Vanderbilt Mortgage, warranty

Selman Aytug to Randy Strickland, warranty

Enrique Delarosa Delcid to Margarito Ventura Lopez, quit claim

Dale Kent Williams to Andrea Kim Canida, quit claim

Max Keith Williams to Andrea Kim Canida, quit claim

Beulah Kathryn Tooly to Tiffin Supply Inc., warranty

David Sparks Tiffin to Tiffin Supply Inc., warranty

July 15

Archie Lee Scott to Thomas Wren Scott, power of attorney

Manfredo Ramos Santos to Nora Magaly Monterroso, warranty

Mary Bruce Webb to Mike Mayfield, survivorship

Mike Mayfield to Sarah J. Mayfield, warranty

Mary Bruce Webb to Richard Joseph Tutich, survivorship

Hicks Rentals LLC to Michael Mann, warranty

Stephen Daniel Hall to Stephen Daniel Hall, executor’s

Margaret Webb Wilde to Mary Bruce Webb, corrective

Mike Mayfield to Made in USA Properties LLC, corrective

July 18

Patrick Lane to Ramon Randolph, warranty

James D. Holland to Tammy W. Holland, power of attorney

July 19

Joseph B. Pride III to Ernesto Vargas, survivorship

Albert C. Cleveland to Steven Charles Cleveland, revocation of power of attorney

Margaret Ann Herring to Amanda Renee Herring, warranty

July 20

Todd Crumpton to Paula Pounders, warranty

Braxton Cade Baker to Brittany Annette Hill, warranty

Donnie Ezzell to Brenda Scott, affidavit

Archie Lee Scott to Nathan Scott, survivorship

Bobby Bryan Sutton to Troy Simmons, survivorship

Donald McCalpin to Bobby McCalpin, affidavit

Mary Elizabeth Scott to Timothy H. Scott, power of attorney

Linda C. Everett McCalpin to Paul Golembeski, survivorship

Shirley Elaine Lindsey to Travis Russell Plylar, administrator’s

Stanley Pounders to Stanley Pounders, executor’s

July 21

Edward C. Lawhead Jr. to Shelia Prince Simpson, warranty

Olena A. Pike to Kenny Pike, executor’s

Jerome Berlin to Tamara Yancey Berlin, quit claim

Ana Castillo to Lidia M. Rodriguez Lopez, warranty

Zachary Keith Prince to Edisar Josue F. Velasquez, warranty

Reshma Bhagat to Elizabeth Diego, warranty

Elizabeth Diego to Valley State Bank, assignment

Keith Grissom to Tillman A. Cole, survivorship

Charlie B. Bishop Jr. to Marles F. Williams, affidavit

Charlie B. Biship Jr. to Steven Lee Morales Jr., warranty

Hayden Suddith to Charles Wayne Richardson, warranty

Hayden Suddith to Charles Wayne Richardson, warranty

July 22

Vanessa Gail McWilliams to Thomas Wayne Murray, warranty

July 25

Joan Poss to Laney Poss, power of attorney

Polished Properties LLC to Excellence and Diversity, administrator’s

Harold Dee Fleming to Emilia Behind, quit claim

James David Bixler to Heath Holdbrooks, warranty

July 26

Alex Roberts to Lidia M. Rodriguez Lopez, warranty

Juan Salazar to Esvin Francisco Mateo, warranty

Robert C. Robinson to Casey L. McNeil, warranty

Jason Patrick to Jason Patrick, personal representative

Christopher G. McDaniel to Wesley Mayfield, tax

Catherine Hall to Catherine Hall, warranty

MMP Payne Creek LLC to Rollins Rela Estate LLC, warranty

Rollins Real Estate LLC to Payne Creek AL Land LLC, warranty

Stanley Wayne Pounders to Shelby Wayne Pounders Russ, power of attorney

July 27

James Gregory Underwood to Claudia Lopez, warranty

Gales Family Education Trust to Tracy Mobley, tax

Michael Timms to Jeremy A. Hancock, survivorship

Marcus Reid Carpenter to Marissa A. Boner, warranty

Fred Pilgrim to Pedro Raymundo Camaja, warranty

Kathy Collins Wiggins to Phillip Collins, quit claim

Phillip Collins to Kaitlin J. Fowler, warranty

Jeffrey Shirley to William Pierce, survivorship

July 28

Laura Elizabeth Bailey to Beverly Winchester-Green, warranty

July 29

Mark Dill to Mark Dill, warranty

Charles Dill to Peggy King, warranty

Tim Maddox to Matthew Barnett, survivorship

Arnold Gene Prince to Chris Everett Prince, power of attorney

Joann Wood to Scott Wood, affidavit

Brenda Stovall to Jeffrey Allan DeFoor, warranty

Tiffin Motor Homes to The Town of Vina Alabama, agreement

The Town of Vina to Tiffin Motorhomes, warranty

The Town of Vina to Tiffin Motorhomes, warranty

The Town of Vina to Tiffin Motorhomes, warranty


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