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Why I Love Franklin County: A little chat with Linda Ezzell

Linda Ezzell graduated from high school in Belmont, Miss., and went on to Northeast Mississippi Community College and studied business courses. She has worked in Red Bay for the past 20 years, serving as the library director at Weatherford Public Library, and said she thinks of herself as being from both Alabama and Mississippi. She has one son, Brent Bolding; one grandson, Trey Bolding; one granddaughter, Britan Bolding Crow; and a 10-month-old great-granddaughter, Chloe Crow, “who has us all so in love with her.”

1. What does your work as library director involve?

I am the only person who works at the library, so part of the time I wear many hats. I am responsible for all of the library’s circulation and ordering of books and the other services we provide to the public. I make sure my patrons are taken care of the best that I can and try to make their visit to the library a happy one. There are always tasks like reports and filing and straightening the books on the shelves, even if no patrons are in the library.

2. What do you enjoy about your job?

I had never worked in a library, but when I saw the ad in the paper describing the job duties, I thought it sounded like something I would enjoy because I love to help people. I was interviewed and hired, and 20 years later, I’m still here working. I enjoy helping my patrons find a book or suggesting something for them to read. I like to suggest titles they might not have seen or be familiar with, and it makes me happy when they bring the book back and tell me thanks for the suggestion because they really enjoyed the book.

3. What is your favorite place to visit in Franklin County?

I like to ride around on what we consider back roads and see old home places where people used to live. It makes us reminisce about days gone by. I also think that Dismal Gardens is so beautiful.

4. What is your favorite Franklin County restaurant?

I like a lot of the restaurants around, but I love Mexican food, and Rancho Viejo has really good cheese dip and salsa and chips. Also, I like The Grind because I like special flavor coffees, iced or hot. The Steakhouse in Red Bay, owned and run by Lori and Brent Collum, has opened back up, and it is really good.

5. Why do you love Franklin County?

Most of the towns in the county are small compared to some areas, but they have what we need, and there is lots of industry around and very good schools and churches. Friends and neighbors are always willing to help each other when help is needed.

Fast Five

1. Favorite hobby: Traveling

2. Favorite food: Mexican

3. Goal: To keep the library growing and up to date and keep patrons excited about coming to the library

4. Church: Ladies Sunday School Class

5. Something people might not know about me: I really don’t feel comfortable getting up in front of a group to speak.