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Rediscover summer through eyes of child

When was the last time you had a water gun fight in the front yard?

When was the last time you chased lighting bugs through the summer darkness?

Had a dinosaur battle in the living room floor?

Raced down the slide at a neighborhood park?

For me, it all happened Saturday.

After spending most of the day with a friend’s almost-5-year-old, I was beyond exhausted – but also cheerfully content. My young friend has boundless energy and enthusiasm, and getting down on his level for a few hours was good for the soul.

Never mind that I lost every dinosaur battle and definitely came off worse in the water gun shootout.

Never mind that the park was boiling hot with little shade to speak of.

Never mind that we only caught two lightning bugs in the jar I managed to scrounge up, despite hunting them all across both our yard and the neighbors’ yard.

We had fun – wholesome, clean, pure fun – and without a screen in set. It felt pretty much like the summers of my own childhood. Maybe it sounds like your childhood, too.

If you haven’t taken the time to enjoy some simple fun, some time to rediscover the joys in a summer Saturday through the eyes of a child … may I recommend it?