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Fishy fun swims into summer at Russellville library

Orange you glad it’s summer?

Shirley Jimenez presented the program “Endless Possibilities of Fruits and Vegetables” to kick off the summer reading program at the Russellville Public Library Friday.

Jimenez’s program included a fish craft with oranges, google eyes and other stuck-on pieces. Jimenez, along with Katernia Cole Coffey, both from the Franklin County Extension, guided children through the craft and other activities, which included playing “Fruit Jeopardy,” in which children got to display and expand their knowledge of fruits with seeds, juicy fruits, colors of fruits and unusual fruits.

“Vegetable Jeopardy” followed, including categories for green vegetables, orange and yellow vegetables, vegetable puzzlers and current events.

“I am so pleased with the turnout for our first event for this year’s program, “Oceans of Possibilities,” said Russellville Public Library Director Joshlyn Bowen.  “We had maximum participation from the children registered for the event.”

She thanked Cole Coffey and Jiminez for their involvement.

“This was a great way to focus on fruits and vegetables and their endless possibilities,” explained Cole Coffey. “Introducing fruits and vegetables to children early helps to encourage them to make healthy choices, and using art makes it fun.”

Children also got the chance to use sidewalk chalk to decorate the area in front of the library while they waited for the Kona Ice truck to come and deliver tasty treats.

Russellville resident Lindsay Cash Hall, who attended with her sons Tate, 4, and Judd, 2, said her family loved the event. “My kids had a ton of fun and are looking forward to the rest of the summer at the library,” she said.

This year’s summer reading program is being fully sponsored by Pilgrim’s.

“To be such a small library, the community has supported this event to the fullest. To say I am proud is an understatement,” said Bowen. “I look forward to the future, especially the new library. I know with more room and extra parking, these events will double in participation.”

Registration is maxed out for the library’s summer reading program, but additional activities and events will be offered. For more information, visit the Russellville Public Library Facebook page, email ruslib110@yahoo.com or call 256-332-1535.

The library is located at 110 Lawrence Street E., and is open Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Saturday, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.