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Local clubs award scholarships to deserving students

Scholarships provide an opportunity for many high school seniors to earn an education. Without assistance from an outside source, some students would have trouble paying for the degrees they need in order to enter the workforce and become contributing members of society.

Funds for scholarships come from a variety of sources.

Local clubs and organizations contribute numerous scholarships to high school graduates each year in our community. These clubs, civic groups and organizations work throughout the year sponsoring fundraisers for these scholarships.

Because of their work and dedication, several thousand dollars are awarded to graduates each year to assist them with the cost of higher education.

Why do they give these scholarships? They do it to give back, support members and prepare the future workforce.

The Franklin County Cattlemen’s Association is well known for its steak sandwich fundraisers throughout the year. This association awards several scholarships to qualifying high school graduates in Franklin County.

For more than 35 years the GFWC Book Lovers Study Club has given a scholarship to the Russellville High School senior with the third-highest grade point average in recognition of their academic achievements.

As an affiliate of the GFWC Alabama Federation of Women’s Clubs and the North Region District, Book Lovers Study Club donates to scholarships locally and statewide. Book Lovers recently received notification that a student from Russellville High School would receive the North District’s $500 scholarship for this year. Selection was based on her application, her many accomplishments at RHS and her community service. Funds for this scholarship were raised at district meetings twice a year through silent auctions.

Other scholarships are given annually by organizations such as the Bob Grissom Masonic Lodge; Rotary Club; Franklin County Chamber of Commerce; Alabama Adoptive and Foster Parent Association; the Russellville Civitan Club; and more.   

These awards are usually presented at the high school’s annual awards programs.

Some clubs, such as Cultura Garden Club, choose to award scholarships to the children or grandchildren of club members. These scholarships are usually given at the last club meeting of the year.

Russellville and Franklin County civic groups, clubs and associations are very supportive of donating scholarships to high school graduates annually. Over the years, millions have been awarded.

It is important that everyone support their fundraisers so this tradition continues.

If you are a recipient of a scholarship, please send the donor a thank you note. Each thank you note they receive helps them see the value in what they are doing and the effect it has on the lives of young minds – which will inspire them to keep on donating in the future.