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May 2022 Land Transactions

May 2

Tammie J. Hall to Bill Mobley, warranty

Barry Pounders to Ricky Borden, survivorship

May 3

Kenneth Johnson to Gifford Borden, easement

Tifford Borden to The Jones Revocable Family Trust, warranty

Warren Keith Jones to Jones Revocable Family Trust, certification of trust

William D. Ross to DLT Investments LLC, warranty

Michael Don Mays to David Mays, warranty

May 4

G. Lane Inc. to Pedro Cotoc, sale contract

Eddy C. Hyde to Thomas David Michael, survivorship

Eric Montgomery to Alabama Power Company, easement

Kevin S. Hill to Alabama Power Company, easement

Ashley Lindsey to Luis Antonio Barrientos, survivorship

May 5

Virgil McDowell Estate to De McGuire, tax

Patricia Raburn to De McGuire, tax

Patricia Raburn to De McGuire, tax

Malcolm Street Jr. to De McGuire, tax

Mason and Rouse Contractors to De McGuire, tax

Johnie A. Johnson to De McGuire, tax

Kimbrough Chapel Church to Roy McCleese, tax

Lona Hamilton Estate to De McGuire, tax

Franklin Homes Inc. to De McGuire, tax

Rube and Eloise Courington to De McGuire, tax

Michael Shane McCormick to Roy Jason Skidmore, tax

Barbara Scott to Cleophus Weeks Jr., easement

Virgil O. Scott to Cleophus Weeks Jr., survivorship

Revenue Commissioner Stancil to Lisa Cochran, tax

Michael Dee Pounders to Lisa Cochran, tax

Eric Rikard to Coty W. Rikard, survivorship

Linda Dill to Reverse Mortgage Solution, order circuit

May 6

Andrew J. Spry to Avis Vantilburg, affidavit

Rebecca Bolton to Charles R. Twilley, survivorship

Ricky Wayne Bolton to Kelly W. Bolton, affidavit

Lucy Tumy Bolton to Kelly W. Bolton, affidavit

Rhonda Cofield Stallings to Edward J. Stallings, warranty

Russellville TB LLC to H. Wesley Yee, warranty

Nery O. Pereira to Saulo Maldonado Chegui, warranty

Gertha O. Dixion to David O. Hicks, tax

Dennis Jones to Taryn Jones, warranty

Joey T. Coan to Chadwick Wesley Coan, warranty

May 9

Randy M. Boyd to Classic Grain LLC, warranty

Gary Swinney to Randy Lindsey, tax

Barbara Gail Fike to Rodney Thomas Rogers, survivorship

Brett Alan Hall to Stanely Nichols, survivorship

Richard Twilley to Kenneth Stephenson, survivorship

Harold Keith Vaughn to Peyton Vaughn, warranty

Brett Alan Hall to Brian Hall, warranty

Harold Keith Vaughn to Peyton Vaughn, warranty

Cynthia Gober to Tiffani Grace McCalpin, warranty

May 10

Secretary of Housing to Novad Management Consulting, power of attorney

Thelma Hubbard to Tyrus White, quit claim

Thelma Hubbard to Ida H. Elliott, quit claim

May 11

David Mays to Michael D. Mays, warranty

Randy L. Holland to Randy L. Holland, warranty

Judy D. Kinard to Shana L. Johnson, warranty

Jeffery P. Jones to The Jeffery P. Jones and K, warranty

Alton D. Hallman to Mary Glass, corrective

Jean Ricketts to Patrick Jackson McGee, survivorship

Cynthia Ruth Reams to Cynthia R. Reams, affidavit

Jimmy Wayne Wright to Ronald Humbers, warranty

G. Lane Inc. to Pedro Cotoc, sale contract

Chadwick Whitfield to Bankhead Land and Timber Co., timber

May 12

Nicholas Cody Wehunt to Nicholas Cody Wehunt, warranty

Linda Diane Smith to Linda Diane Smith, warranty

Fifth Third Bank to Federal National Mortgage, warranty

Linda Dill to Reverse Mortgage Solution, foreclosure

Chris Partain to Community Loan Servicing, foreclosure

Sandra Marie Hodge to Greg Hovater, warranty

Willodean H. Davis to Jose Rolando Gonzalez, warranty

Jennifer Canida to Jason Hattaway, survivorship

Chase Lindsey to Three B. Properties LLC, warranty

Wayne Moses to DPM Properties LLC, warranty

Brenda Elliott to Craig A. Shelton, survivorship

May 13

Raymond L. Nichols Jr. to Mason Neil Willis, warranty

Quality Land and Timber Inc. to People’s Trust Bank, release of timber agreement

Alisa Paulette McNatt to Tessa McNatt Benford, power of attorney

Alisa Paulette McNatt to Tessa McNatt Benford, power of attorney

Gary W. Watson Jr. to Jody Raper, warranty

Tony Clark to Claudia Lopez, warranty

May 16

Robert J. Hill to Beth Hall, warranty

Elizabeth D. Moore to Lee Hacker, tax

Arthur B. Elliott to Rhonda Mihalic, warranty

Andrew D. Adams to Luke McKechnie, warranty

John Pilati to Robert Jones, affidavit

Brett Alan Hall to Andrew Logan Dodd, warranty

Neil T. Buddle to Sarah W. Jackson, warranty

Edward Lee McGuire to Aldredo Ortiz Romero, survivorship

Wendy Rena Mitchell to Larry Wayne Mitchell, quit claim

Larry Wayne Mitchell to Russellville Rental Properties, warranty

Sarah Joyce Pounders to Devaney Wood Works Inc., warranty

May 17

Doug Streetman to Pamela Mosleley, warranty

Marty Lee Berry to Sweet T’s Meat and Greet, warranty

Elizabeth M. Crowe to Lee Hacker, tax

Ronald S. Payne to Mark D. Carroll, warranty

ML Docks LLC to MMJ Holdings LLC, warranty

David R. Grissom to MGEL Inc., warranty

May 18

Larry K. Newton to Jennifer Ann Bledsoe, warranty

Jay Lynn Stoltzfus to Diego E. Garcia, warranty

Richard Graben to Elishaba Graben Larson, warranty

Kenneth G. Bishop to Rickie Denzel Wetzel, survivorship

May 19

Jamie Reeves to Laurel Scruggs, warranty

Karen Lynn Roberts to Miguel Juan Felipe, sale contract

Limestone Huddle LLC to Huddle House Inc., lease

Limestone Huddle LLC to Volunteer 15485 RV LLC, warranty

Volunteer 15485 RV LLC to Huddle House Inc., memorandum of lease

May 20

Tomily Bourgoing to Terry W. Miller, survivorship

Terry W. Miller to Terry Wayne Miller, affidavit

Jaime A. Valdez to Jaime A. Valdez, contract release

Lindley Hollander to Dustin Hollander, warranty

Doris H. Woodruff to Mark E. Woodruff, power of attorney

Linda Hester King to Elvis Cochran, tax

Linda Hester King to Elvis Cochran, tax

Patricia Raburn to Elvis Cochran, tax

ACS Russellville Plaza to MRP Russellville LLC, warranty

Bret Gist to Maleia Gist, warranty

James A. Mullins to Ruby H. Mullins, affidavit

Arthur Hardin to Ruby H. Mullins, affidavit

Michael Moomaw to Ruby H. Mullins, affidavit

May 23

Freddy Vargas to Arturo Vargas Sr., warranty

Leasa Joyce Hutchins to Tifford Borden, warranty

Leasa Joyce Hutchens to Leasa Joyce Hutchins, affidavit

Brenda Sue Vandiver to Alex Roberts, warranty

Zachary K. Prince to Jay Lynn Stoltzfus, warranty

Vickey Joe Nix to Tammy Lynn Burfield, warranty

Tifford Borden to Bill Mobley, warranty

May 24

Jay Marie Orrick to Limestone Property Group, administrator’s

James Timothy Mahan to James Timothy Mahan, warranty

Peggy Jenkins to Scott Roberts, survivorship

Anita Vandiver to David Strickland, warranty

May 25

Rodney Clem Cummings to Rodney Clem Cummings, warranty

Alan Dempsey to Herself Ray Durham, warranty

Tommy E. Baker to Antonio Rosas Gonzalez, warranty

Deborah Anne Jones Farris to Rodney Stephen Jones, quit claim

Rodney Stephen Jones to Jason Schiessl, survivorship

Rodney Stephen Jones to Jason Schiessl, survivorship

Gustavo D. Frias, to Larry Cameron Williams, warranty

Larry Cameron Wiliams to Osmin Alex Gonzalez, warranty

Cynthia Trimble to Douglas Wade Berryman, warranty

John Keplinger to Clarysa Aguilar Medina, warranty

May 26

Martha Seal Thornton to Jamie Bragwell, power of attorney

Wayne Moses to Richard Hammock, warranty

Virginia Southern to Timothy Dewayne Johnson, warranty

Denzil Hardy to Timothy Anthony Hardy, warranty

Hugh Mack Ballard to Rue Nick Ballard, warranty

Denzil Hardy to Timothy Anthony Hardy, warranty

Hugh Mack Ballard to Hugh Mack Ballard, warranty

May 27

Eddy C. Hyde to R5 Land LLC, warranty

De McGuire to Hugh Hyde, quit claim

Connie Harris to Byron Dale Nix, executor’s

Connie Beth Nix Harris to Byron Dale Nix, power of attorney

Kent Douglas Hallman to Kaige A. Graves, survivorship

Stuart Mills to Jose Victor Merid Garcia, warranty

Paula Baker to Jarrett Baker, power of attorney

Jarrett Baker to Paula Baker, power of attorney

May 31

Milton Timmon to Raymond Timmons, warranty

Ronda Hester to Devon Hester, warranty

Trent Stephenson to Cody J. Campbell, warranty

Loyd R. Griffus to Lloyd Randall Griffus, warranty

Mary K. Guthrie Balch to Sue Ann Balch, quit claim


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