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Make a sweet treat this Easter

By Amy Dolan McCollum

For the FCT

I gathered our favorite Easter candy to make a simple Easter charcuterie board. It’s perfect to serve for a gathering of your friends or family.

I cut a wooden egg-shaped board, but you can also use a piece of foam board and place on your wooden charcuterie board. Make it fun, and let your little one help you!  


When it comes to making a candy charcuterie board, you have tons of options. You can add any of your favorite treats. Some suggestions include:

• Peeps

• Yogurt-covered pretzels

• Chocolate-covered pretzels

• Marshmallows

• Jelly beans

• Edible Easter grass

• Easter candy eggs

• Annie’s brand rabbit-shaped cookies

• Frosted animal crackers

Choose items your family likes and what you find available at your local store. Build your board by alternating food items and colors. Your family will love it!