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A wedding story: Andrew & Baylee Moss


Andrew is from Harvest, while Baylee hails from Red Bay. The happy couple now resides in Red Bay following their Nov. 6, 2021, wedding.

  1. HOW WE MET: Feb. 1, 2019, Andrew and Baylee met at a Huntsville Havoc Hockey game. For more than a year, a mutual friend named Elizabeth had been trying to get them to meet, showing pictures of each to the other and trying to make arrangements for them to “run into each other.” At the time, Baylee was not interested, and Andrew kept saying he “didn’t like redheads.” However, Elizabeth got Baylee to go to the hockey game, where Andrew just so happened to be as well. He came to see Elizabeth and ended up meeting Baylee. The rest of the night, Andrew threw popcorn at Baylee – and from then, the rest is history.
  2. FIRST DATE: Andrew and Baylee don’t have a super memorable date. Every day they get to spend together is a wonderful day well spent. They make new memories together every day, and every new memory is their favorite. 
  3. WHAT WE LOVE: What Baylee loves most about Andrew is how he pushes her to become the best version of herself. Andrew wants Baylee to have all her dreams come true, and he tries everything he can to make sure they do. Baylee also loves how Andrew has to make sure everyone is having a good day, whether it is a cheesy joke, a simple smile or a hug. Baylee said “There is never a dull moment or a boring day with Andrew,” and “he would give the shirt off his back to anyone just to make their day a little brighter.” What Andrew loves most about Baylee is that he can look into her eyes and it brings him to reality; it gives him a purpose and a reason for life. Andrew also loves that Baylee isn’t afraid to be herself around him, and she makes every day an exciting adventure
  4. THE PROPOSAL: At the time of the proposal, Andrew and Baylee had been dating for 10 months, but Andrew knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Baylee. Andrew knows how much family means to Baylee, especially her grandparents. So on Christmas Day 2019, he proposed to Baylee at her Nana and Papa Melvin’s house. Andrew and Baylee were taking pictures in front of the Christmas tree, and when Baylee went to look at the pictures, he was behind her on one knee. 
  5. THE WEDDING: Nov. 6, 2021, at Triple H Barn in Russellville
  6. The barn was filled with Andrew and Baylee’s closest friends and family. It was decorated with white and maroon flowers, eucalyptus leaves and a lot of greenery and candles. The aisle had white rose petals leading to the front of the barn, where the doors were open and draped with white cloth. At the end of the aisle, there stood Andrew waiting for his bride.
  7. FAVORITE MOMENT: Andrew and Baylee’s most memorable moment from the wedding was their first dance. During the dance, nothing else mattered to them but that moment. That was the moment when it finally hit them that they were husband and wife – the moment they realized they had each married their best friend, so excited they get to spend eternity together making new memories every day. 
  8. FINAL WORD: Andrew and Baylee were hesitant about getting married as early as they did. Baylee was a full-time college student, and Andrew worked a full-time job. A lot of people wanted them to wait until Baylee finished college, but they were just so in love they knew they wanted to become husband and wife. Baylee realized she wanted to become Andrew’s wife when she noticed how much he pushed her in college to get good grades and to get the degree she had dreamed for. Baylee knew even if they got married, it wouldn’t stop her dream because of how hard Andrew pushes her. She knew becoming his wife would only make her want to work harder.


Venue: Triple H Barn

Catering: Family

Wedding planner: Carlee Humphres 

Florist: Hobby Lobby

Cake: Noe Perry 

Photographer: Amy McMullen and Elizabeth Keeter

Invitations: Zazzle 

Wedding dress: David’s Bridal

Bridesmaids dresses: David’s Bridal 

Hair and make-up: Holly Hardin 

Men’s attire: Amazon 

Music: Joseph Baldwin 

Favors and gifts: Amazon, Walmart and Target

Rentals and decor: Brooklyn White