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Susie Malone

Garden Club celebrates St. Patrick’s Day with succulents

Planting succulents and selecting the best containers was the program for the Cultura Garden Club’s March meeting.

Judy Baker was the program chairman.

Succulent plants are popular because they can grow anywhere, are hardy, require very little maintenance and are easy to propagate. Succulents are often grown as ornamental plants because of their striking and unusual appearance.

Judy explained there are many types of succulents in different shapes and sizes. She shared pictures of various kinds of succulents.

Succulent plants need pots with drainage holes and fast-draining succulent soil  to ensure the roots will remain healthy. Suggested pots for succulent plants are traditional terra-cotta pots, ceramic pots and square black plastic pots.

Each member was given a small succulent plant with soil to plant in her favorite pot.

The Garden Club has kicked off its spring flower sale. Debbie Nale, fundraiser chair, distributed the brochures from McGee Farm listing the various choices for baskets and garden. The fundraiser began March 9 and runs through April 2.

The hanging baskets are 10 inches with sturdy wire hangers and cost $15. Selections include Passionate Pink Mix WAVE Petunia; Tri and True Mix WAVE Petunia; Celebration Mix Millibell; and Sunset Mix Millibell.

The premium garden choices include Rockin Red Geranium Combination; Fruit Crush Dahlia Combination; Kitchen Herb Combination Garden; Lantana Butterfly Mix Combination and Sunbeam Mix Millibell Garden. Each garden is an arrangement in a 12-inch decorative pot for $20.

Orders may be placed with any Garden Club member. Proceeds go to community projects and beautification in downtown Russellville.

The March meeting was held at Russellville First Baptist Church with Barbara Sage, Debbie Beason and I serving as co-hostesses. The Green Room was the perfect setting for the St. Patrick’s Day decorations, color-coordinated refreshments and favors for each member.  Members wore green in recognition of St. Patrick’s Day, and a supplemental handout was given to members on the history of St. Patrick.

In the business session two new members, Esther Stockwell and Susan Pearson, were welcomed.

Debbie Beason, conservation chair, reminded club women that March 18 is Global Recycling Day. This recognition is a recycling initiative that encourages everyone to look at our trash in a new light.

Several ways to recycle allow some materials to be reused multiple times. Recycling is great for us and the environment because it lessens the energy we use, enhances the quality of water and air we breathe and combats climate change.