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February 2022 Land Transactions

Feb. 1

Nelda Moore to Matthew Moore, warranty

Freddy Hugh Fuller to Donald Wayne Jackson, quit claim

Alan Stein to Tammy Camp, warranty

New Cingular Wireless to Cityswitch II-A LLC, lease (assignment)

Feb. 2

Andres Miguel to Luis Lopez Galicna, sale contract

Feb. 3

Floyd Newell to Rilen Jace West, warranty

Johnnie Weatherford to Levi A. McNatt, executor’s

Charlie One to Clayton C. McNatt, executor’s

Dennis Jones to Uriel Franco, warranty

Feb. 4

Nancy Underwood McCalpin to Kenneth Chadwick Hughes, power of attorney

Teresa Nelson to Albertin Agustine Francisco, warranty

Gustavo Perez Chavez to Tracey Diana Chavez, warranty

Brian K. Hall to Ford Motor Credit Company, affidavit

Brett Alan Hall to Brian Hall, warranty

Daniel J. Lindsay to Black Wolf Holdings LLC, warranty

Dale Jeffreys to Frances Brown, warranty

Richard Habada to Heath Voyles, warranty

William Feltmon to Heath Voyles, easement

Brian S. Bentley to Brian S. Bentley, survivorship

Gregory Parrish to Marco Tulio Manu Aguirre, warranty

Feb. 7

Alton D. Hallman to Mary Glass, warranty

Alton D. Hallman to Mary Glass, warranty

Muriel Louise Woodruff to Maria Martin, warranty

Timothy Chad Horton to Kimberly Shay Horton, power of attorney

Louise E. Seay to Danny Brown, warranty

Mollie P. Crawley to Jason E. Landers, warranty

Autumn L. Stanford to William A. Stanford, quit claim

Ada Jane Kelly to Juan Gerardo Garcia, survivorship

Michael Roy Fowler to Kaitlin J. Fowler, warranty

Feb. 8

Linda G. Pickard to Linda G. Pickard, corrective

Daniel Wynn to David Bagwell, warranty

Feb. 9

Troy Collum Jr. to Isaac J. Cummings, warranty

Feb. 10

Federal Deposit Insurance to JP Morgan Chase Bank, power of attorney

B&M Builders Supply Inc. to Jose Manuel Sanchez-Cotoc, survivorship

Amy J. Scott to Paul Bingham, affidavit

Virginia Hubbard to Christopher C. Hubbard, warranty

Barbara T. Cain to Karen Townsend, warranty

Barbara T. Cain to Karen Townsend, warranty

Feb. 11

Michael Potter to Corey Pounders, administrator’s

John John II LLC to Clarence E. Hicks, survivorship

Wanda Welch to Charles Edward Walker, quit claim

Preble Nell Hall to Feng Chen, warranty

Darcie Lindley to Gary Lindsey, survivorship

Gregory Cash to Rodney Baker, warranty

Amy Dean Fernandez to Amy Fernandez, affidavit

Shirley Jean Cagle to Raymond Madden, quit claim

Jeffrey Cash to Gregory Cash, easement

Phillip Humphries to Carla Lee Chambers, warranty

Timothy R. Cleveland to Tabetha Raquel Pinkard, warranty

Jennifer Leigh Wiggs to Mary Kathryn Wiggins, warranty

Feb. 14

Glen Graham to Byron Duncan, survivorship

Thomas Jamison Poss to John Derek Sweeney, warranty

Debra Ann Fretwell to Mindy Huton, warranty

Darlene C. Hill to Anthony Selvaggio, survivorship

Amanda Cothrum to Paul Cothrum, power of attorney

Matthew Brett Weeks to Shanda D. Ergle, power of attorney

Matthew Brett Weeks to Greg Parrish, warranty

Feb. 15

Marian Kay Hurst Henson to Emily Renea Hurst Rush, warranty

Hayden Dees to Homer Dees, administrator’s

Juanita Henson to David Ward, administrator’s

Billy D. Cummings to Keith Taylor, warranty

Thomas Puckett to Tara L. Puckett, quit claim

Feb. 16

Chris Darracott to Ellis Wooten, warranty

Amy J. Scott to Ruth Hardin, affidavit

Sharon Fuller to Cesar Sop, warranty

Kevin Pace to Todd Crumpton, survivorship

Eddie Beason to Kathy D. Blasingame, affidavit

Joseph Brent Massey to James D. Hill, warranty

Cesar Sop to Nelson Antonio Garcia, warranty

Feb. 17

Eric McKinney to Benjamin Starline King, corrective

Feb. 18

Robert Wilson to Luis Rene Vasquez Roman, warranty

Jerry Paul Fancher to Small Claim Court, affidavit

Jerry P. Fancher to Stephen Lawrence Johnson, warranty

The Industrial Development to J.B. Moore, warranty

Doris Searcy to Devin Blake Montgomery, corrective

Wendell Wynn to Christalynn Jones, survivorship

Brian Mitchell to Thomas Gene Foster Jr., warranty

Ricky D. Young to Jacob Ward, warranty

Jose Victor Merida to Reina E. Herrera, quit claim

Feb. 22

James Rufus Cummings to David Ward, warranty

Global Signal Acquisition to The Town of Phil Campbell, easement

The Town of Phil Campbell to Global Signal Acquisition, assignment misc

Arlon E. Glasgow to Don Walker II, survivorship

Joshua Barber to James Peyton Bolton, warranty

Marlaina G. Steien to Melissa R. Hilderbrand, warranty

Sarah J. Mayfield to Dana Greenhill, survivorship

Feb. 23

Price T. Fergerson to Christopher Lane Yancey, warranty

C. Rex Mayfield to Andres Miguel, executor’s

Antonio Tomas Jose to Angelina Pedro Jose, warranty

Maystone Enterprises LLC to Hayes Investments LLC, warranty

Feb. 24

Shelley Barnes to Shelley Denise Barnes, warranty

Feb. 25

Wanda Rene McCurry to Wanda Patricia Underwood, warranty

Joe Keeton to Daniel Keeton, corrective

Travis Russell Plylar to Floridalma Patricia Cruz, warranty

Gladys C. Lane to William A. Lane, survivorship

Keith Wilson to Alex Matias, survivorship

Marian Kay Hurst Henson to Emily Renea Hurst Rush, affidavit

Jerry Hall to Bobbi Headley, sale contract

Town of Vina to Franklin County Industrial Board, warranty

Arlis Burks to Jeffrey Burks, warranty

Arlis Burks to Jeffrey Burks, warranty

Arlis Burks to Jeffrey Burks, warranty

Shannon Oliver to Jenny Sandusky, warranty

Jenny Sandusky to Randall Pounds, warranty

Eurshel Nichols to CB&S Bank, foreclosure

Danny Brown to Juan Sanchez Siquina, contract

Doris Ann Bishop to Jerrod McKinney, survivorship

Joseph Gallagher to Ronald Shane Page, survivorship

Richard A. Juliano to Matthew Thomas McDonald, warranty

Michael Jones to Michael Jones, survivorship

Feb. 28

The KDM Irrevocable Trust to Keith Dwight McKinney, certification of trust

Marilyn Gail McKinney Black to Daniel Mark Evans, warranty

Eric Rogers to Jose Luis Quintana, survivorship

Gregory Parrish to Dalila Delgado Soto, warranty

Franklin County

CDC authorizes COVID-19 vaccine for children


Russellville celebrates freedom at Jam on Sloss Lake Monday


RFD responds to downtown structure fire

Franklin County

Franklin County 4-H announces horse club, summer day camps

Franklin County

Sweet T’s Meat & Greet celebrates grand opening

Franklin County

Bank Independent launches School Share

Franklin County

First Metro Bank reaches nearly 2,000 local students through financial literacy efforts

Franklin County

County votes in primary runoff


Kids, Kin program, Girl Scouts present information at RPL

Franklin County

FC Rescue Squad president faces arrest for theft

Franklin County

Summer P-EBT benefits go to families of eligible school children


Red Bay City Council approves water, gas board resolution


Red Bay Council discusses regulating vicious animals

Franklin County

Furr Fest fundraiser sees success

Franklin County

Distinguished Through the Decades: 2001, Kathryn (Keeton) Nix


Phil Campbell festival unites friends for food, fun, music


BTCPA gears up to perform ‘Leading Ladies,’ final play of season


Phil Campbell Police Department adds new vehicle to its fleet


Face-painting fun, crafts, treats delight at RPL


PC prepares to enforce noise, impoundment ordinances

Franklin County

Blue Springs VFD holds Furr Fest fundraiser

Franklin County

Russellville promotes race amity June 12

Franklin County

Distinguished Through the Decades: 2000, Lindsay (Gerstman) Almond


PC Title Loan opens