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Do you delight in meditating on the law of the Lord?

Psalm 1 opens with a revealing statement for people who want to be blessed: The first verse states they will avoid being advised by wicked people, occupying the pathway of sinners and keeping company with those who mock God.

The second verse reveals that, instead, the blessed person will delight in the law of the Lord and meditate on it day and night. Verse three then promises great strength, like that of a mighty tree, for those who will pattern their lives in this manner.

I wonder if the way we think about the law of the Lord sometimes causes us to miss out on the blessings God intends for us?

In Mark 8:21, Jesus seems to be frustrated when he asks his disciples, “Do you not yet understand?” Jesus is deep into his ministry. He’s about to be on his way to Jerusalem, where he will eventually be crucified. For all the miracles they have witnessed and all the teaching they have been blessed to hear, the apostles still don’t get it.

It’s worth noting that they do remember plenty of facts. They correctly answer two fact-based questions from Jesus. The knowledge they’ve gained, however, doesn’t seem to have changed them. They still don’t understand who Jesus is, nor do they trust his ability to meet their needs.

What’s the point for us today?

It has been said that wisdom has to do with knowledge being properly applied. As such, how much time do we spend contemplating Scripture – not just reading the facts but really contemplating what they mean? When we think about meditating on the “law of the Lord,” do we limit ourselves to nothing more than an inspired list of do’s and don’ts?

While the do’s and don’ts of the Bible actually do matter, there’s so much more to contemplate if we intend for the inspired word of the Lord to change us!

We should always be contemplating God’s amazing love, his provision in making sure the needs of life here are met and his provision in providing a roadmap to heaven that is both available and understandable! What a joy to contemplate the hope can have because of God’s investment of his only son as the price of our salvation.

Let me challenge you to both read the law of the Lord and then contemplate it. Doing so will bless you and will allow your relationship with God to be like one of those strong and healthy trees described in Psalm 1.