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PC Council changes community center rental deposit rules

The Phil Campbell City Council held its regular monthly meeting Oct. 19.

The council approved a deposit increase to $150 for community center rental, as well as the additional stipulation to have a copy of the renter’s photo identification on file at City Hall. The council said these changes are prompted by recent incidents, in which renters left a big mess and/or caused property damage.

The rental contract will be amended to specify that criminal charges will be filed if there is physical damage renters don’t pay for.

The council also approved the increase of the rest of the sanitation fees not addressed at the past month’s meeting.

The flat rates of $20 for a Type 1 commercial dumpster and $30 for a Type 2 commercial dumpster have each been increased by $5. On four-yard and six-yard dumpsters, additional dumps will be $60 each time. On eight-yard dumpsters, additional dumps will be an extra $70 each time.

Residential dumpster prices were increased during thie past month’s meeting.

The council also:

  • Opened sealed bids for surplus shotguns and approved Kevin Hill for $200 for the Ithaca and Tyler Harper for $85 on the Mossberg.
  • Approved re-opening the senior center for mornings.
  • Affirmed that money received from citizens doing driving school for speeding tickets can only be used for the police department and voted to put it in the funds for the police department.

In public comments Jack Caddell, a member of the zoning board, spoke regarding local business Smiley’s. He said although the owner has a permit for a car lot, he is also doing mechanic work and operating a salvage yard without a permit.

Caddell said the owner of Smiley’s was given a variance for a car lot due to the land not being zoned commercial, but doing mechanic work and bringing in more cars and having a salvage yard makes it a commercial business, and the city council has not issued a permit for mechanic work or for a salvage yard.

Councilmember Lynn Landers suggested having the city attorney send him a letter, but councilmember Phillip King said enough letters have been written, and it’s time to have him on a court docket because he’s in violation. The next available court date is Dec. 20.

The council voted to change the monthly work session time from 6 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., still with the meeting directly after at 7 p.m.