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Making kindness cool

Kindness is something I’ve been pondering a lot lately. While we’re still battling an ongoing global pandemic, there are people facing challenges and problems we know nothing about, and the words we say or the way we act toward another person can either break them or build them up. 

Now, I don’t know about you, but I want to make sure I’m building others up, and I want that to be the kind of culture we have at RCS, as well.

I think we do an excellent job of that here, and we have teachers and students who daily strive to lift up their students or classmates – who lend a helping hand when needed, who cheer one another on and who stand up for one another.

But no matter what, there’s always room for improvement. If you have a child in our system, we would love for you to help us reinforce these ideas of kindness at home.

Teach them to be kind to everyone. Teach them to be an includer and not an excluder. Teach them to be a good friend and help others who need helping.

Teach them to stand up for people who are having trouble standing up for themselves. Teach them to make kindness cool. 

If you don’t have a child in our system, you still play an important part in reinforcing these ideas out in the community. There are always going to be people looking to you to see how to act or talk. You never know when someone might be looking to you as a role model, so it’s important to show kindness out in the community, as well.

Be nice to your waiters and waitresses, even if mistakes are made. Be respectful in your words and actions. Do what is right, no matter what. Open doors. Be polite. Encourage one another. Set an example. 

If we all started putting these things into practice more often than we currently do, I truly believe we’d all be better off.

Be the kind of person who builds up instead of tears down. Who looks for the good in others, has patience when things are difficult and gives grace where it’s needed. That is what we’ll be striving for at RCS, and we hope you’ll join us, too.

Let’s create a culture of kindness in our community that’s second to none! 

As always, it’s GREAT to be a Golden Tiger!