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Chief Mike Rice has been with the Phil Campbell Volunteer Fire Department for two decades.

Phil Campbell council tables fire chief change

Rumor had it the Phil Campbell City Council would be considering a shake-up in the local volunteer fire department.

The council was reportedly set to consider replacing PCVFD Chief Mike Rice at its meeting Tuesday, but after a 30-minute executive session, the council tabled any action on the agenda item.

Prior to the meeting, official information on the prospective change was slim.

Although Rice said he had heard about the potential agenda item, he was not prepared to discuss it prior to Tuesday’s meeting.

Council member Barry King said he had heard it was going to be brought up and said it would probably be voted on. “That’s all I know at this time,” said King.

Council member Phillip King said he had heard rumors. “I can’t say it won’t happen, but it’s chatter. The fire department is doing well,” he said. “There hasn’t been a fire that some fireman didn’t respond to, and that’s good for a volunteer fire department.”

Another councilmember declined official comment but said “it’s still up in the air,” describing the matter as “kind of a sticky situation at the moment.”

Mayor Mike McQuary said he didn’t know what was going to happen and would not comment on the potential action item. “I don’t know. You’ll just have to be at the meeting and find out,” McQuary said.

It remains to be seen whether the council will take up the matter of a potential change in leadership at its next meeting.