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September 2021 Land Transactions

Sept. 1

Jennifer D. Fox to Wilmington Savings Fund, foreclosure

Janet Sue Feltner James to Marion Ray James, power of attorney

Bishop of Birmingham to Good Shepherd Catholic, warranty

Lonnie Stancil to Jeremiah Shane Stancil, warranty

Jamie Kiel to Vick D. Poss, quit claim

Victor Serafin Nava to Lorena Jimenez, quit claim

Victor Serafin Nava to Lorena Jimenez, quit claim

Sept. 2

Luther Randall Quinn to Jimmy Shawn Hines Jr., warranty

Franklin L. Ayers to Chandler Ayers, warranty

Franklin L. Ayers to Nicolas Cody Ayers, warranty

Franklin L. Ayers to Nicolas Cody Ayers, warranty

Franklin L. Ayers to Jason Ayers, warranty

Steven Anthony Smith to Global Maintenance LLC, affidavit

Thomas E. Sherrod Jr. to Barry Rhea, survivorship

Carolyn D. Gandy to Ron A. Maggerise, survivorship

Hodge L. Stephenson Jr. to Jon Alan Craigge, survivorship

Hodge L. Stephenson Jr. to Scott T. Stephenson, power of attorney

Betty Jo Tirey toRhonda Carol Matthias, warranty

Auburn University Foundation to Armando Torres, warranty

Timothy D. Morgan to William T. Benford, warranty

Phillip Humphries to Rita Page, warranty

Sept. 3

Hilario de la Rosa Amaro to Pedre Antonio Francisco, warranty

James K. Sumerel to Bernardo to Jacobo Flores, warranty

Michael Barksdale to Jonathan Wade Humphres, warranty

Bruce Daily to Jose Guadalupe Ornelas, warranty

Ronald Bradley Norris to Larry D. Hester, warranty

Denise Hester to David Anthony Cochran, survivorship

Timothy Ken Boyles to Theresa Kim Boyles, executor’s

Red Bay Industrial Development Board to DLT Investments LLC, warranty

Red Bay Industrial Development Board to DLT Investments LLC, corrective

Brad Kirk to Tammy Montgomery, sale contract

George Larry Harris to Lashay Riddle, power of attorney

Sept. 7

James A. Watts to Rebecca Watts Rogers, corrective

James A. Watts to James A. Watts, corrective

Page Housing LLC to Dannie Kemp, warranty

Mike Horton to Greg Parrish, quit claim

Sept. 8

Adam Q. Colley to Adam Q. Colley to warranty

Lazy M. Inc. to C. D. Williams Real Properties, warranty

Frank E. Bishop to Autumn Blaze Bishop, warranty

Sept. 9

Carol Glass to Larry Moore, survivorship

Ellis S. Logan to Hank Woodard, warranty

Sandra Bianco to Jimmie F. Bianco Jr., affidavit

Sandra Bianco to Matt Glass, survivorship

Lawrence and Hall LLC to Martin Chajal Ramos, survivorship

John Paul Torisky Jr. to Bryant Patrick West, survivorship

Steven Anthony Smith to John Leroy Johns, warranty

Dean Hallman to Douglas Hallman, power of attorney

Dean Hallman to Craig Downey, warranty

Jason Milam to Taylor C. Nethery, warranty

Edward Baker Layne III to Aulsie Bolton, survivorship

Greg K. Parrish to Jose Antonio Chavez, warranty

Sept. 10

Lindsay A. Holcomb, CIS Financial Services, affidavit

Daniel G. McDowell to Made in USA Properties LLC, warranty

Lorenzo Juan Arango to Juana Pascual, warranty

Rodney Neil Yawn to Pat Cochran, warranty

Larry Pat Cochran to Valley State Bank, assignment

Sept. 13

Arthur Wade Sherrill to Brett A. Riner, survivorship

Shelana Jean Montgomery to Arthur Wade Sherrill, affidavit

Charles Bradley Trapp to C. Bradley Trapp, warranty

Terry G. Hardin to to Terry B. Hardin, affidavit

Bobby Davidson to Terry Hardin Jr., survivorship

Hui Fen Ni to Jorge Tello Gonzalez, warranty

Terry G. Hardin to Terry Glenn Hardin Jr., warranty

Sept. 14

Veronica Bonilla Ortiz to Alabama Power Company, easement

Tifford Borden to Alabama Power Company, easement

Derrick R. Miller to Mark Traylor, warranty

Sept. 15

Eddie Beason to Willodean Wilson, affidavit

John A. Long Jr. to John A. Long Jr., executor’s

John A. Long Jr. to Cynthia Scott Dobbs, executor’s

Kathy Diane Denson to Maria Antonia Nateren, warranty

Ralton Baker to Vincente Hernandez Pacheco, warranty

Hillman McCoy Herring Jr. to Chris J. Wallace, executor’s

Marie Marbutt to Gerald Glenn Litcheford, warranty

Wanda Baker to Wanda Baker, warranty

Sept. 16

Jacqueline Fay Hutcheson to Tammy Jay Jeffreys, power of attorney

Thomas Tilton Hutcheson to Tammy Jay Jeffreys, power of attorney

Merrell Potter to Joey Harbin, warranty

Gail Roberson to Timothy H. Raper, warranty

Timothy D. Long to Phillip David Long, warranty

Sept. 17

Joshua Lane to Rolanda Carranza Escobar, survivorship

Larry Wayland Cagle to Gregory Parrish, warranty

Lyndon J. McCavitt to Lyndon J. McCavitt, survivorship

Susan Nicole Moore to Susan Nicole Moore, warranty

John David Starkey to Charles Bancroft, survivorship

Janet Britnell to Wilmer Alain Garcia, survivorship

Wilmer Alain Garcia to Valley State Bank, assignment

Austin Morrow to Tarin Puckett, survivorship

Sept. 20

Wayne West to Jeff Presley, survivorship

Gail Spires to Gail Spires, warranty

Gail Spires to Laura Aycock, survivorship

Jerry Anderson to Braden Mitchell, survivorship

Sean Landry to Jimmy Thompson, warranty

Sandra Mitchell to Jimmy Thompson, warranty

Burt Hutcheson to Terry Omalie, survivorship

Antonio Melecio to Donna Lowery, warranty

Kim Sizemore to Dona Smith, affidavit

Ray Oneal Crittenden to H.M. Herring, affidavit

Mildred Berryman Herring to Isauro Perez Sagastume, survivorship

Brian Keith Edgar to Bradley Michael Hill, survivorship

Ruth Nix to Alan Nix, power of attorney

BMK Properties LLC to Michael Fancher, survivorship

John Holt to Jerrod McKinney, survivorship

Luther Randall Quinn to Greg Ayers, warranty

David D. Hicks to Norris Lewey, quit claim

Sept. 21

George David Matthews Jr. to Michael F. Reeves, survivorship

Benford Pierce to Tim Pierce, warranty

Bingham Real Estate Holdings to John W. Thorn, warranty

Jacob Reno to Kevin L. Woodward, warranty

Darrian R. Graham to Anna Tompkins, warranty

Sept. 22

John Stancil to Jackson Blake Bendall, warranty

David Jordan to The Thomas David and Mari, warranty

Stewart G. Blackburn to Brittany M. Blackburn, quit claim

Bill Benford to Tanna Nicole Benford, warranty

William Terry Benford to Tatum Shalisa Benford, warranty

Bill Benford to Tanna Nicole Tatum, warranty

Sept. 23

Jason Wesley Pierce to Angela Joel Pierce, power of attorney

Peggy Frazier to Micki Dawn Jones, warranty

Jimmy Ray Washington to Ronnie Shane Vandiver, executor’s

Jimmy S. Manley to Barney E. Taylor, survivorship

Bonita Pace to Conrad Lee Miller, survivorship

Sept. 24

First Metro Bank to Bobby Bryan Sutton, statutory

Brian Lee Self to Austin Morrow, survivorship

Tyler Morrow to Derrill K. West, survivorship

Terry Green to Allen R. Bornscheuer, survivorship

Vernon Hood to Dena Jones, warranty

Jordan Michael Hammond to Nery Benedicto Gonzalez, warranty

Mark DeArman to Pamela Fretwell, survivorship

Terry Brian Fisher to Kandace-Shaun K. Maddox, survivorship

Vanesa Larey South to Michelle Murray, warranty

Riley Bridge Co. Inc. to James Terrell, warranty

Bradley Lawrence Tucker to Quinton Douglas Grissom, survivorship

Leonard T. Quinn to Leonard Corey Quinn, warranty

Sept. 27

Franklin E. Bishop to Jose Domingo Godinez, warranty

Lesley LLC to Leah Torisky, survivorship

Sept. 28

Mitzi Clark to Susan Carroll Parker, warranty

Randy Davis to Randall Corey Davis, warranty

Greg Ayers to Javier Barrientos, warranty

Sept. 29

Betty Stout Jackson to Debra Jackson Fretwell, executor’s

Glen D. Mardis to Weyerhaeuser NR Company, timber

Bonnie Shane Vandiver to Gist Industrial Properties, warranty

Miranda Hernandez to Guadalupe de la Sancha, survivorship

Dalton Stephen Butler to Jeremy Butler, warranty

Todd Arthur to Tod Arthur, executor’s

Sept. 30

Eric R. Arnett to Edgar Armando Ram Guinac, survivorship

Clifton Jonathan Scott to Clifton Jonathan Scott, survivorship


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