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Is it time for you to join a club?

Are you a club joiner?

I have been a member of a club, it seems like, all my life – starting back in junior high and continuing into high school, college and today, when I am still active in community clubs as well as state and national service organizations. It has been a journey I have enjoyed.   

Clubs offer a number of things. One of the best benefits of joining a club is that you can make a lot of new friends.

September is a time when clubs often ask prospective members to visit their club. This invitation gives you an opportunity to meet the members and get information on their community projects and other activities.

Before, your schedule might not have permitted you to join, but things might have changed now, so consider getting involved.

Perhaps you have just relocated to Russellville, and joining a club will give you an opportunity to meet people and learn about our community activities.

The more time you invest in a club, and the more activities and events you participate in, the more likely you are to make some amazing memories.

Clubs offer an excellent opportunity for networking, on both a business and social scale. Friends you make there will introduce you to other people and will give you opportunities to promote your business.

There’s bound to be a club associated with a hobby or an interest you enjoy. So, look around and find out what’s going on in your area. Check libraries, the chamber of commerce, cafés and local websites for ideas.

For example, if you’re interested in gardening, join a garden club, which has members who have been gardening for years and would be happy to share their knowledge on practical topics and visiting gardens in the area.

Another good point about joining a club is that it offers the chance for regular activity. We can get weary at times, especially in winter, and find leaving the house a lot of effort. So, we end up staying at home and feeling bored.

Clubs also offer training opportunities, and there are always more experienced members around to provide guidance and specific help.

Taking part in clubs will contribute to you becoming a well-rounded individual. Plus, you’ll have fun along the way, collecting memories and gaining friendships that could last a lifetime.