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August 2021 Land Transactions

Aug. 2

Jamie Elizabeth Overton to Johnny D. Taylor II, survivorship

Randi Umfress to Timothy Umfress, quit claim

Jerry McDuffa to Pascual Mateo-Pedro, warranty

Aug. 3

Tabitha Victoria Campbell to Justin Ranch Campbell, quit claim

Aug. 4

Rhonda Lynn Cochran to Michael Fugate, warranty

Herschel Nix to Carley Danielle Wooten, warranty

Stephen Adam Gill to Angel G. Ortiz Burgos, warranty

Ann Foster Burgess to William Blake Hudson, survivorship

Leroy Nickels IV to Terry B. Fisher, survivorship

George W. Mixon to Christopher Gonzalez, warranty

Aug. 5

Robert J. Martindale to Neil Chapman Rogers, survivorship

Willodean Davis to James Timmy Fite, warranty

William B. Manasco to Manasco Alabama Home Living, warranty

Curtis Lee Murray to Curtis Jeffery Murray, warranty

David Hicks to Norris Lewey, tax

Billy R. Hudson to Alabama Power Company, easement

Anthony Mark Sampson Jr. to Alabama Power Company, easement

Michael C. Waller to Alabama Power Company, easement

Rhonda F. Hester to Alabama Power Company, easement

Judy A. Taylor to Alabama Power Company, easement

Jose Gonzalez Giles to Alabama Power Company, easement

Sherry Ziels to Alabama Power Company, easement

Jerry Norman York to Alabama Power Company, easement

Town of Phil Campbell to Alabama Power Company, easement

Sal Holdings LLC to Alabama Power Company, easement

Aug. 6

George O’neal McLemore to Marty Berry, warranty

Javier Barrientos to Johnathan Deje Monterroso, warranty

Antonio Pascual Juan to Diego Felipe Pedro, warranty

Leonard O. Bey to United States of America, certification of trust

Randy Thompson to Scotty Thompson, survivorship

Thomas Edward Hicks to Sonya Ray Hicks, power of attorney

Brent Caldwell to Laura Ann Parker, warranty

Wayne West to Jonathan Dill, survivorship

Thomas Edward Hicks to Jaime de Jesus Herrera, warranty

Aug. 9

Amy D. McCollum to Leah J. Gunderman, warranty

Mildred Berryman Herrings to Gregory Parrish, warranty

Grady Welborn to Mary Belvin, warranty

Robin Dale Yancey to Phillip Bradford, survivorship

Betty Jayne Feagan to Craig D. Swinney, executor’s

Steven Boatwright to Eric Reason, warranty

The Estate of Terry Gene to Miguel Jose Mateo, survivorship

Cheryl A. Smith Rasbury to Cheryl A. Smith Rasbury, warranty

Cheryl A. Smith Rasbury to Josephine Fenner, warranty

Courtney D. Jeffreys to Nathan Daniel Wolfe, survivorship

Aug. 10

Carolyn Mae Green to Pedro Sarabia Luiz, warranty

Aug. 11

Clinton C. Yarbrough to Thomas C. Yarbrough, corrective

George O’neal McLemore to Marty Berry, corrective

Peggy I. McGuire to Stephen Hall, warranty

Aug. 12

Margaret Wiles to Mandy Hittle, power of attorney

Freddy Hall to Andrea Mayberry, warranty

Russell Alack to Janna Brown, warranty

Debbie Avery to Rock Bridge Lodge LLC, warranty

Brenda Harvey to Tracy Harvey, power of attorney

Wanda Patricia Underwood to Rene McCurry, quit claim

The Industrial Development to Lazy M Inc., warranty

Aug. 13

Karen R. Bunt to Briana Jo Stidham, warranty

Usiel Eliezer N. Saguilar to Meri Fausto Vela Saucedo, warranty

Aug. 16

Boyd Parker to Ramon Gonzalez Mejia, survivorship

Gregory Parrish to Juan Torres Mendoza, warranty

Hillman McCoy Herring Jr. to Forza Trucking Inc., executor’s

Robin Hogland to Alabama Farm Credit, affidavit

Aug. 17

Drake Reid Lawson to Van Lawson, warranty

Sharon Marte Zagrovich to Roger D. Motes, survivorship

Carl Cummings to Jimmy Thompson, warranty

Carl Cummings to Jimmy Thompson, quit claim

Abacuc P. Ramirez to Omar Ramirez-Huerta, warranty

Blue Creek Land Co. Inc. to Tremain Crutcher, warranty

Aug. 18

Ridge Crest Ltd. to Alabama Housing Finance, affidavit

Linda Sherman to Christopher Dwayne Karr, warranty

Mandy M. Horton to Raymond Thomas Horton, quit claim

Golden Tiger Properties to Anthony McKee, warranty

Danny Fisher to Franklin County Board, covenants and restrictions

Bobby Bishop to Carl Seifert, survivorship

Terry L. Keene to Terry L. Keene Revocable Trust, certification of trust

Terry L. Keene to William S. Hamilton, survivorship

Jackie B. Boyles to Devon Borden Reynolds, warranty

Donald W. Jackson to Brian Crown, warranty

Aug. 19

Kim Dillard to Rex Patterson, warranty

Marion Imports Inc. to Allen David Daniel, warranty

Sue Tate to Elizabeth G. Jones, quit claim

Jimmy O. Tate to Elizabeth G. Jones, warranty

David P. Eagle to Loyd Wade Carpenter, warranty

Douglas Todd English to Loyd Wade Carpenter, warranty

Darryl Whitehead to Donna Hall, affidavit

Aug. 20

Barry Pounders to Connie Boyington, affidavit

Alan Hardin to Phillip Wade Barksdale, survivorship

Aug. 26

The Bank of New York Mell to Cesar Ivan Gonzalez Barrera, quit claim

Johnny Edward Ray Adams to Amanda Adams, power of attorney

Amanda Adams to Johnny Edward Ray Adams, affidavit

Daris Wells to Johnny Edward Ray Adams, warranty

Jeanette Cantrell to Fray Cantrell, warranty

Jeff McAlister to Donna Lee Stinson, survivorship

Misa LLC to First Jackson Bank, resolution

William Lockridge to Daniel Josef Flanagan, survivorship

Rebecca Watts Rogers to Wilma Joan Camp Ghrigsby, affidavit

James A. Watts to Rebecca Watts Rogers, corrective

Rebecca Watts Rogers to Joseph Darrell Watts, survivorship

Michael S. Sekora to James B. Barretto, survivorship

Price T. Fergerson to Barrett O. Behel, warranty

New Penn Financial LLC to Kenneth Wayne Doyle, quit claim

Walynda Woodruff Sandusky to Michael Lee Sandusky, warranty

Sherri Stancil to W. L. Taylor, affidavit

Aug. 27

Joseph R. Buchanan Jr. to Jorge Tello Gonzalez, survivorship

Sharon Hindman Hester to the Industrial Development Board, affidavit

William S. Hamilton to to Maria V. Barcus, warranty

Robert S. Moomaw to Steve Shirley, warranty

Everett Edward Brown to Kevin Daz, survivorship

Freddy A. Argueta Escobar to James Hagood, survivorship

Eddie Beason to Elmer T. Hovater, affidavit

Aug. 30

Joyce A. Spears to Jackie Lynn Wright, warranty

Nickolas Lee Hicks to Melissa D. White, warranty

Russellville Holdings to TBS Factoring Service LLC, warranty

Anthony McCalpin to Paul W. McCalpin, affidavit

Anthony McCalpin to Thomas Germany, warranty

Charles L. Davidson to Tina Davidson Cochran, warranty

Aug. 31

City of Russellville to Philip Hallmark, ordinance


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